new (to me) Mohave!

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My son just went to pick this up for me on Saturday. It needs work, but looks beautiful to me. It was a competitor in the 70s in the old NATVA east circuit and won a lot of races. The engine bottom end is tight, but the previous owner was running alcohol so it's to be expected. Can't wait to get it back running.


Wow what engine is that?
looks like a 2 cyl 2 stroke maybe?
cool bike
Yup: it's a JLO 340 two-stroke twin. top end looks good but the crank turns very hard. It looks like its had some work done to the jugs, so I'll find another crankcase and use the top from this one.
My mistake: I misidentified the model by its appearance. However, judging by the number of races this particular machine won in the 1970s, "cobbled" wouldn't have been my choice of words. To each their own. My apologies to all for my incorrect ID.