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Well having sold my first bike 38 years ago a dmp delhi metal products mini bike.. While at a bike show in Toronto Ontario 10 years ago my son spotted one for sale, most of it was there but in rough shape. I passed it up and the next one I saw was in Welland and I believe it was filthyrich, a little different than the one I had. About two weeks ago I was on the garage floor doing an oil change on my husky when my son appeared and said I got something for you. I could just see something that needed lots of work, but there outside the garage I could see the front wheel and I could tell it was from a dmp trail champ. He had been working on the bike since late last year and thought it was time I jumped in. Now the work begins.
Welcome to OldMiniBikes !!

I had the DMP scamper as a kid and put a lot of miles on it but it is long gone

I did manage to find another one a year or so ago but havnt got around to restoring it yet , found a trail champ too lol

Looks great so far :thumbsup:

great son

He has his moments but loves the bikes and works p/t in a cycle shop. Lots of good information here and I will need the help to piece my new ride together

yes it does look like a speedway out of Ohio? who copied who, this site just shows you how many different bikes there are and many parts are inter-changeable?