New with Mini bike need help.

Hey OldMiniBikes i have a few questions concerning a 2010 baja doodle bug i just bought its my first mini bike im 15. i have a few stupid questions to ask:

do i mix the oil in with the gas? if so, whats the ratio?

it i leave the fuel switch all the way on, the bike doesnt move it needs to be at the half-waay mark... why is this?

where should i put the clutch (on/off) during ride for best speed?

and last of all, what are some simple ways to make it go faster! :scooter:

if you can, please help it would be really helpful to get some info from some mini bike pros :scooter:


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NOOOO,do not mix gas and oil!!!
Do some searching on here. Your other questions have been covered extensively.
It does have the stock 97 cc engine right?
If you are talking about leaving the (CHOKE) 1/2 on for it to run best, that is kinda common for those motors. It's just an issue with the way the carburetor is setup...

If you mean the fuel VALVE itself on the gas tank, has to be only 1/2 on, it would suggest your float in the carburetor is not working and is flooding the engine over, but if that were the case, gas would pour onto the ground when the bike isn't running, and the gas was left on..

The clutch you don't need to adjust, you can buy a stiffer spring for it, but isn't gonna matter in your case...

If it's the 3 horse Doodlebug engine that only runs with the choke 1/2 on, the best way to make it go faster is buy a better motor.. Most people use the Chinese Honda knockoff engines because they are cheap and work good for the money..