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I enjoy watching the auctions each day on the Bring a Trailer site. You see lots of neat stuff and the auctions are fun to follow. It's sort of like flipping through the Montgomery Ward Christmas catalog. :)

Now I find myself with a motorcycle to sell, which is unusual for me. When vehicles come to my house, they are usually here to stay. I've owned this 1978 Yamaha DT400E enduro for five years, but it has sat in inside storage the whole time and I only recently got it running. Now I am trying to focus on other projects and it needs a new home. The auction, linked below, runs for five more days. With no reserve, this nice machine is guaranteed to sell. Details, photos, and videos are available in the auction listing. My buddy and I had a fun time making the riding/street video.

Bring a Trailer Auction


That worked out well and I am pleased. I watch Bring A Trailer often, but I had not used it to buy or sell before. The final selling price was greater than what my favorite online value guide suggested it would be, more than covering the listing fee. The buyer is in Kentucky and I am in Oregon, but it turns out that we have mutual friends. Small world.

Bring a Trailer exposes your vehicle to a large audience. The listing for this auction was viewed more than 9,000 times, and there were more than 500 subscribers who received email updates as it progressed. One of those subscribers turned out to be a prior owner who recognized his old bike. I had not met or spoken to him before, having purchased this machine from a friend of his who was flipping it. That prior owner was able to fill in details of the bike's history and use, which I believe bidders found appealing. That sort of things happens often in these auctions.

There is enough interest in this auction site that the operators get to pick and choose the listings. They select a wide variety of vehicles, from minibikes and go karts to rare cars valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars. The seller pays a $99 fee, but only if they are accepted for an auction listing. The buyer pays a fee of 5% of the selling price, but not less than $250, or more than $5,000. A rep prepares the listing from the info and photos that you provide. They do a really good job of that, and of guiding you through the process and following up on the progress. I received way more attention and service than you would expect for what I paid, and they connected me with a nationwide audience that produced a buyer whom I would never have found on craigslist. I won't hesitate to use this service again.
I am glad you shared this. I had never heard of "Bring a Trailer". (I lead a sheltered life. LOL) I look forward to checking out all of the vehicles on auction regularly. I Googled the site as soon as I read ur post and the first car I noticed was a gull wing 300SL Mercedes. Back in the early 60s I saw one in person that had belonged to Clark Gable. I always thought they were good looking cars. I'll never be able to afford one and not really what I would buy even if I had money. They are certainly cool, though! Glad you were able to sell ur bike.
The buyer said it will cost $525.00 to move the motorcycle from Portland, Ore., to Louisville, Kentucky. In 2012 I used this company to bring a bike to me in Oregon from Dayton, Ohio. That time the cost was over $650. I suppose that fuel prices have a strong effect on the cost. I cannot say enough good things about This company's drivers and dispatchers are friendly and professional and they communicate very well throughout the entire process. They only hire drivers who are motorcyclists. No crating or other special prep is needed. You don't even need to drain the fuel, although I did that anyway. The drivers know how to tie down a bike securely without causing damage.
The little Hondas have sure been on a roll lately. Z50, CT70, SL90, CT110, etc. It seems like there is another one listed every day, and the going price is $3,500-$4,500. I have a pair matching C70 pre-Passports w/fewer than 800 miles on each and very nice condition. Not planning to sell, but they might be worth more than I paid. That rarely happens in my world. :rolleyes:

work at a Harley dealership
I did too...rode harley for 35 years with some great dudes before I went to work there...fired for being mean to a (deleted) biker...haven’t rode since...made me hate them...the new Harley dealers suck ass...SORRY for highjacking the Thread...Dealers just piss me (deleted)
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