Old Style DB30

I'll start a thread on this. I started a thread in the DB section, but this will be more of a project build thread, so it seems like this forum will be more appropriate.
I found this DB30 for $65. It ran when I bought it, but I'm not gonna run the stock motor. The PO had spray painted it and stuck US Army stickers on it. The only reason I didn't ride it when I got home was because it doesn't have tires. I think I'm actually gonna go with some turf saver tires. The seat is rough, so I'll be making my own. The handlebars were tweaked, but they met my buddy's press, and we're back to straight now. Here is the before pic from the craigslist ad and a step 2 pic. I'm hoping to get this baby running soon.


I stripped the frame down to bare metal, and I've got a solid coat of self-etching primer on it. Do I need to spare the primer with the primer/sealer before I paint? Is it okay to lay down some paint on top of the self-etching? This is gonna be stored in the garage. It will certainly get dirty in the woods. I understand the sealer may help, but it is needed? Just curious. I'm not a paint guy, obviously. I'm using rattle can Dupli-Color paint and primer.
Well, I painted it. I ended up using Dupli-Color rattle can paint. I was really wanting to powder it, but I don't have an oven large enough, and I was trying to build this for cheap. I would have had too much invested to build the oven. So, I will have to deal with chips. I did use a decent self-etching primer under it, but I haven't ever had good luck with rattle can paint jobs. I did use some spray-on bed liner on the bottom frame rails and the lower forks.


I did fight the tires for a while. They are on, and they are holding air. I forgot to paint my wheel spacers, so I'll see what I can do. I may end up making some of my own out of aluminum. I'll throw some pics up soon. It's coming along nicely. Anybody ever use a motor plate for a 5hp Briggs? I had it bolted on the frame only, but after setting it on there with the wheels mounted, I think I'll need to move it to the right a bit to get it to line up properly. I don't mind drilling new holes, or I can have a buddy mill me a plate. I was just curious if anyone has ever done this?
I've been enjoying the bike. I'd like to post up some finished pics, but my box is full. I'll see what I can do. Yes, those are Carlisle snow hogs. I've got a single seat on it from BMI. It's not bad. I think I actually like the new DB style a little better, as far as handling and overall ride is concerned.