1. FunWithStuff

    Seat Dimensions Thread

    Hey everyone! I wanted to make this thread with the intention of posting measurements/dimensions of seats used on some old mini bikes. I thought this would be a great reference thread for anyone that is looking to make or recreate a seat since many didn't survive on mini bikes over the years...
  2. electra_boogaloo

    post me to your warrior with a sportster tank thread???

    i got a tank off an 80-something sportster today. i've test fitted it and realized that it's very cramped. i'm trying to find a happy medium between the tree hitting the tank and being able to put the seat on. i was thinking about getting a spring seat kit, but now i may be forced into it. can...
  3. noseoil

    Exhaust spring, borrowed from sixpac440's thread

    Here's how the die spring sounds in my bike.
  4. Aston jag

    Thread photos

    Is there a way to see all of the photos contained in a thread on just one page and without the messages?
  5. H

    Thank you & Share Thread

    I do want to say "Thanks" to those who understand what the other thread is/was about - respect to those who put time into the site - not just to me. The members who have dedicated many years posting information. We have "professionals" when it comes to certain subjects that you can count on...
  6. Rustygold

    Saved an old Kart from scrap. Another what is it thread

    I go a call to go look at some antique and vintage garden tractors on a property being cleaned up and most everything is going to scrap. I found a couple of Karts sinking into the ground there and drug them home. I think the other kart is a FKL Tomcat racing Kart. I will make a post with it...
  7. T

    My MB165 Kinda Build Thread

    I own a company that makes sensors for motorsports. I was looking for a pit bike to make my rounds doing customer support and installs . So Sunday I picked up a very low use MB165. It still had the plastic cover on the seat and nubs on the tires. It had sat for about 4 years. Got it home...
  8. markus

    H50-70 overall differences thread?

    Got a couple of mystery medium frame engines that I am going through-Incomplete/no tags. I got as far as figuring out they are both 70's style, both ball bearing sidecover, both aluminum block, and got the bore and strokes measured to see that one is an H50 and one is an H60. It looks as if...
  9. T

    Bonanza CR 400 410 500 scout info thread

    Could we make this the official Bonanza chopper CR information thread? There is a ton of knowledge and information but Its a bit scattered out. With all the interest in the Bonanza choppers I think if would be a good idea to consolidate the information. It would be really helpful to people...
  10. ReapersRide

    Posting a build thread?

    So I was thinking of posting a project log on an Efenel mini along with a separate assembling of a Fox Condor mini. However I have been attempting to post a photo of my Rupp Chaparral in the go cart section. I found I can not post any, I do not under what quota I could be over. Nor do I have...
  11. Mini-fever

    Carnage thread?

    There has got to be a carnage thread around here, no? You know the thread we all post pics of crap we broke and things that went boom. I'm new to this but I have some carnage already I'd like to post. No need for a new thread if one is out there. :thumbsup:
  12. C

    Baja 165 - Clutch Shaft Bolt Thread?

    Hi all, I am getting close to having the Baja 165 running around! Got some help recently and got the bike running. I am going to be putting the clutch on, but I am not exactly sure what the bolt threads are for the engine shaft that supports the clutch assembly? Some folks are saying...
  13. creia

    Tecumseh HS40- What is the thread on the flywheel nut/end of crankshaft?

    I have a 1970s HS40 crank that has bunged threads on the flywheel end. I cannot get the flywheel nut to even start threading on. I am hoping to get a die and clean them up. Does anybody know what thread this is? Thank you for any help. Michael
  14. packergene

    Loctite thread locker

    Hi folks, Silly question but nessasary. Does any one know if loctite thread locker works for stainless steel bolts and nuts? Looked on their web site and I couldn't find anything about stainless. I'm going to assume it would be fine, but just want to be sure. Thanks for experience
  15. bikebudy

    TEC exhaust NPT thread tap ?

    Would this be correct to buy ? 1/2-14 NPT pipe tap
  16. chatten63

    tecumseh oil fill thread size?

    I know this is a long shot but would anyone happen to know what the thread size is of the oil filler hole on side covers. Also would anyone happen to have one or know where I could get one. Thanks Rick.
  17. Biffmini

    Can't add photos to thread...

    I click on my photos & nothing happens!!! Is there a glitch on the site?
  18. CaptNugget

    BGW Tri-Rod restoration thread..

    Hi over the last year I've been slowly able to work on my BGW tri rod so I figured now that I have a little more time and most parts I'd put up a thread. Here are the pics I have so far
  19. T-Town Mini

    The Official Pinewood Derby Thread

    This thread is intended for all things Pinewood Derby. Post your best tips/hints/advice, etc. for constructing a Pinewood Derby car here. Feel free to post photos of examples including: derby cars, tracks, trophies, best designs, wildest creations, family & friends...whatever, as long as it's...