OldMiniBikes Buildoff.....My "view"

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Just wanted to throw it out there that I personally was very impressed with some of the talent that exposed itself from some of the members here during the buildoff. Can throw out some names that come to mind but in all honesty ALOT of people turned out some very cool bikes. Pat yourselves on the backs guys. Pretty cool stuff being spit out of little backyard shops all across the USA. Many of them being right here on OldMiniBikes. I had to drop out of the build due to some family issues that came up unexpectedly. I havent been here much since but have been lurking and watching. Broke my moral abit but on the other hand..........I feel like I made a few "friends" here because of the buildoff. You know who you are and I THANK YOU. :thumbsup:

In aspect Im really glad I stumbled across this site and have enjoyed watching the buildoff and being part of it for a short time. I dont own any mini bikes.......just a WTF in progress but was welcomd with "open arms". I will continue to plug away at her and will continue to keep the thread build alive. OldMiniBikes THANK YOU. Hoppy

Didint know where to put this thread so mods please move it if need be.:thumbsup:
Hoppy Iam proud to call you an OldMiniBikes friend.
This build off has been a great experience , and its not about even finishing but the fun of building and seeing the cool stuff other people dream up.
I hope all is well and settling down to a more managable level , you can pm me any time bud.