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I'm working on a Flee?
My next door neighbor found one he wanted me to try to get running.
The fuel system was completely gummed up from the tank to the carb, so I declined.
It has a Tanaka 38 cc engine that appears to have good compression.
He asked me to try and sell it.
I am in Pacifica CA.
Minibike lovers my name is Richard. I am looking for a repair shop or someone who knows how to work on minibikes. I am in The San Fernando Valley CA.


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I need help. Trying to put a torque converter on my warrior 200 and I can't get this off. Any info would be appreciated
Remove any set screws from that coller, apply PB blaster for a couple days, then heat, light pressure or tapping, and maybe a bearing puller. Post this in the mini bike discussion and start your own thread. This post is not relative to your issue.

Maybe start with the bearing puller ;)