Open GX200 (Real Honda) with Tillotson 304WX Carb for Sale


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GX200 Super open Modified for sale

GX200 with the following mods components for sale

- Flat Top Piston
- ARC Connecting Rod
- Burris 1.3.1 Rockers
- Chrom Push Rods
- SS Valves Int 27mm Ext 25mm
- Gx200 Head Ported and milled .90 Seats Cut for Above valves
- ARC 6619 Flywheel Advanced 8 degree (8 degree key)
- Tillotson 304 Gas Carb with EC manifold and EC throttle linkage
- NR 274-207 CAM
- 37lbs Springs

This engine is a power house easily 21+ Hp and up to 9K RPM

Message with questions etc
$650.00 USD

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That is a very well behaved 21 hp and would make a good drag minibike engine.
No bad habits there at all in the dyno pull.

My only concern is the vacuum operated throttle linkage via the fuel pump lol.


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The engine is very strong, no issues at all.. Normal stuff, change oil regularly etc and it runs like a champ

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