1. David wulf

    Limited and open flat heads

    So today went down to my friend Craig's to use his lathe . He was just finishing putting together a limited mod flat head . Had got the open done before i got there . The limited had a precision cam with like 458 lift and 306 duration , big ass cam . The open has 125 over piston and a lunati...
  2. V

    New Carb running wide open

    I just put on a new carb and it starts but it runs almost wide open. I noticed that the long rod on left side that you attach the spring and rod to carb from doesn't go all the way back. I can hold it back and it will idle but as soon as I let go it's wide open again. I changed nothing...
  3. bikebudy

    Why open pipes

    Can you state your reason on Why an Open pipe is better ? Or make your statement on Tuned pipes. ME. I get why people like an open pipe " Bbrapp " Bbrap. But does it really help ? Tuned pipes create after burn, plus some pressure and you still get the bark. " Bbrapp " plus a...
  4. YOOP

    Open class voting

    if I've missed any let me know
  5. O

    Open GX200 Honda for sale

    Modified Open GX200 fast engine for sale. Pushes 8750+ RPM Engine has the following - GX200 head ported and decked .80 Seats cut Int 27.5 Ext 25 - SS Valves Int 27.5 Ext 25 with 37lbs springs and aluminum keepers - Burris Rockers - Chromo Push Rods - Flat Top Piston - ARC Billet...
  6. K

    open clone valve size and additional parts

    I just got a clone to tun in the open class on my kart it ran pretty good against the two strokes on the small track but they still beat me so I need a little more power. its a blue clone std bore and stroke + .020 rod flat top piston raceseng s1 flywheel 14cc head ported with stock valves it...
  7. G

    Mild open clone help

    I am running a yellow clone with billet .020 over rod flat top piston, raceseng s2 finless flywheel, black mamba cam, clone head that's been milled .040 with 28/25 as valves, raceseng 1.3 roller rockers, 26lb springs, stock crank, filly 304wx dominator on alky with 32 degrees timing and loop...
  8. Andre' Blaze'

    Blaze's 2014 OldMiniBikes open class build !!

    Parts Pile w/ T.P lol
  9. boostdoctor

    Boostdoctor's open class "Smoking Doodle"!!

    This is the beginning of one crazy project. I will be using a cr500 motor with the trans removed. A snowmo cvt is going on and the frame will be stretched 18" (I think). For now I'm thinking a double frame rail on the bottom and 1 extra rail up top....and a lot of bracing. My main focus will be...
  10. chipper

    Chippers Open Class Golden Pinto

    This is my starting point for a Resto-Mod restoration , it's missing a few original parts , fenders , seat , shocks , name tag , other than that it's all there . I'm going to keep the original look as close as possible with a few upgrades including a new Predator 212 , eliminating the scrub...
  11. O

    Open GX200 (Real Honda) with Tillotson 304WX Carb for Sale

    GX200 Super open Modified for sale GX200 with the following mods components for sale - Flat Top Piston - ARC Connecting Rod - Burris 1.3.1 Rockers - Chrom Push Rods - SS Valves Int 27mm Ext 25mm - Gx200 Head Ported and milled .90 Seats Cut for Above valves...
  12. Stangrcr1

    Stangrcr1's Open Class VT-7

    What have I gotten myself into.... :hammer: Well here is the pile: I have almost all the parts including the jackshaft bracket. Chatten(Rick) already sent me the clutch and chain guards. I was almost going to go vintage class, but this will not be a full resto. 6hp instead of...
  13. vwfan79

    vwfan79 Open Class Go Devil

    This year I plan to build a hot rod 1968 Sensation Go Devil. The power plant will be a worked over predator with a tav, not 100% sure on the motor details or even if I will stick with the tav or go with the DBR manual clutch that is sitting in the garage. The frame needs lots of love, going to...
  14. mrpat

    Open Class - mr pat's Frijole

    This is my first time entering the OldMiniBikes buildoff. My choice is a Taco Frijole series 1. I had posted a poll a couple of months back on what kind of engine would look cool on a Frijole and I thank everyone who participated. First choice was a west bend but I couldn't find one at a reasonable...
  15. Spyderdregg

    Spyderdreggs 2014 OldMiniBikes Open class entry.The Rat Cat

    Well this one may annoy the Cat Purists out there but I'm willing to take that risk.:laugh: One Cat Eliminator frame(early 70's I guess)and a bunch of stuff I had laying around for my now defunct bird project.Ill have to fab some seat rails but I don't think that'll be much of a problem.(couple...
  16. T

    Tass 928's Open class "Doodlebus"

    As a byproduct of creating a fleet of matched, clone powered doodlebugs (racing excitement for when I have garage visitors) I have accumulated this pile of DB engines. So, for no good reason whatsoever, I have decided to lump them all together into a single doodle bug. It will be long and...
  17. Stangrcr1

    Stangrcr1's Open class TH/TB

    Okay, I dunno if this is Trail Horse or Trail Blazer, but it will get built. I almost went for vintage class, but since I don't have a Tec for it, we are going open class. Have my choice of motors, 5hp Briggs on the left or the old style(not hemi) Predator brand new in the box on the right...
  18. bayareaburrito

    2013 VKCA Duffy Livingstone Open Medford

    Heidi and Hannah These 2 girls gave most of the guys a run for their money! :laugh: Terry Ives Showing us all how its done!!
  19. Clayon

    Open Class Voting

    It's time to vote on the Open Class bikes. There were lots of really good ones again this year, and picking just one will be tough. Thanks to everybody for participating, and makes sure to check out the build threads of these bikes before voting. :thumbsup: Your choices are...
  20. JoePapa

    Need Help with Predator Gov / Carb linkage - stuck open

    Howdy. I need help with my predator. I was trying to move the gov linkage just a little to bump max RPM up just a little. Well in doing so, the linkage came off the gov arm. The gov doesn't appear to have any spring tension on it and neither does the carb throttle. However, when I connect...