1. Storm200minibike

    gx200 missing

    I just rebuilt my gx200 clone with a few modifications. I put a hot 265 cam in, billet rod, billet flywheel, jetted the carb with a k&n air filter, and a racing pipe on the exhaust. It misses pretty bad especially at top end, and I can only open the throttle to about 1/4 to 1/2 or it hardly...
  2. Davis

    Gx200 cl216 cam

    I'm building a mild gx200 and am looking at this cam for it. It's a mild motor with a bored carb .010 billet rod arc flywheel #18 pound springs under seat exhaust open air cleaner milled head light porting stock valve train just wondering if anyone has used this cam.
  3. E

    Coleman Minibike GX200 Build

    Hello, I have a Coleman mini bike with a gx200, and I'm looking to take it to the next step. What I have: -Intake, Exhaust, & Carb re-jet -Billet Flywheel with 8 Degree Advance -18lb Valve Springs -Stock Governor I just ordered a 14cc head for the thing, but I would also like to run...
  4. DeadPixel

    Installing GX160 lifters in the GX200?

    So I am getting to the point soon were I will be buying lifters for the clone I am building and see that the 160 lifters are a little lighter. I also noticed that the lifters are only guided by the block with no inserts so its straight on aluminum. Guessing the lifters are shorter and am...
  5. Sprocket86

    Bone stock Honda GX200 6.5hp

    Hi there. Going to be building up a DB 30 with a 6.5 hp genuine Honda GX200 and a Centrifugal clutch for a race series that another member on here has organized. I would like to lightly modify this box stock GX200 with a header/muffler pipe that will fit around a DB 30 or Dirt Bug frame...
  6. Ruppelstiltskin

    Cost effective / Good idea to build GX200 from scratch?

    I'm thinking for the future on my Rupp that a GX200 would probably be the best setup. Its already got a GC160 which runs fine for now but I don't think it will hold up to much use with the aluminum bore. I been watching craigslist but not seeing any good deals. I noticed that they sell bare...
  7. S

    Advice on great gx200 engine builder

    I have a gx200 with 2.756 wiseco piston and rod, ambush flywheel isky 310 cam, big valve gx200 head,duel white springs, gage 1.2 rollers,28mm mikuni carb. On race gas. I can not get motor to rev past 5500 rpms. I have tryed everything I know. Now its time to send it to a professional. So please...
  8. S

    gx200 coil

    I have a gx200 motor with arc rod and flywheel with a bored 2.756 wiseco piston. Big valves and a 28mm mikuni. Question cant get it to rev past 4200 rpm is it the stock coil making it not rev, if so what do I need. And I do have duel springs. Thanks
  9. K

    Vent in gx200 3" big bore

    Hey folks , Just want to know how Many and where you put your vent on the engine to take off some pressure I get my pressure for the pump in the crankcase ( front) and i only have a vent to take pressure off in the valve cover. Is it enough?? Did you think if i have to much presssure in the...
  10. K

    Gx200 3" big bore need Help ASAP

    Got a gx200 3" big bore with head gasket problems blowing! The head and the deck are Perfect , i tried Copper gasket and i tried material with fire ring gasket and it blow . I used Copper sure Seal spray with gasket . Every Time it blow .. What u Guys use ? 3- what are the best timing...
  11. S

    Ironton GX200 clone $79 at Northern Tool ! ( $60 discounts )

    Ironton OHV Horizontal Engine — 208cc, 3/4in. (19.05mm) x 2 19/64in. (58.5mm) Shaft | Ironton Engines| Northern Tool + Equipment Get a $20 off $100 purchase here Save with northern tools coupons from RetailMeNot
  12. L

    Mikuni intake with pulse fitting for clone gx200

    35$ shipped image post
  13. trinik7597

    Honda gx200

    Low hour clean running stock gx200 motor $150 shipped .. Will post pics in a little bit ..
  14. T

    Gx200 clone timing after governor removal??

    Engine won't start now So I removed the governor today, made sure the cam dot lined with crank dot upon reassembly. I made sure the new linkage kit allowed throttle to return normal and it did. I checked spark and it's there. Fuel tank is full..... Motor turns easy by hand and sounds...
  15. W

    Wanted 3" bore Gx200 or 212 Predator

    I'm looking for a block already braced, welded, sleeved with a 3" bore. Can be a GX 200 Block or a 212 Predator Block.
  16. lelej1080

    WTB Billet ROD AND FLYWHEEL for honda gx200

    looking for the last few parts to my build. In need of a billet con rod for a gx200 and a billet flywheel. Let me know what you have!
  17. M

    Clone head gasket gx200

    Hi guys will a oem Honda head gasket fit a 6.5hp gx200 clone? Thanks
  18. trinik7597

    Brand new gx200 take off parts

    Brand new gx200 head real Honda casting ,valves , springs etc. No valve cover $65 shipped real Honda stock 200 carb $35 shipped will post pics later also have 5 used carbs @$15 shipped each and a 390 and 270 carb @25 each and a 270 head @ $40
  19. Twinbuilt

    Looking for Honda gx200

    Need Honda gx200 doesn't have to run
  20. IJG

    One Question! Honda GX200

    Hello' I Acquired a GX 200 from a friend,Thanks Vern! :thumbsup: Cleaned the exterior with a brush & gasoline,sanded the rust off the stock fly & magnet,cleaned the coil, lightly oiled a new O-ring for the float bowl, put a new intake & filter, a new shotgun exhaust, & Now.. It won't turn...