Our next project...........1978 Thompson Sidewinder

Passed on that old twin endgine cat and a couple others that were quite a cruise to go get.Picked this up yesterday close to us,couldn't pass it up for the price I paid.Needs the wood in the transom and floor replaced,but nothing I can't fix.Still solid enough to go for a ride today,runs great.It will get a full resto.might paint it to match the van


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that was only half throttle,as fast as I can go with the wife in it without gettin' smacked :laugh: .opened it up after I dropped her off at the dock
heading out now to start ripping it apart before it gets too hot
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almost 90 and humid buck,you can keep anything over 70

got all of the rotton wood out except for a small section in the bow under the tank,i'll deal with that later.since the wood in the transom isn't quite the full full width I was able to cut a section from the splashpan to access it instead of removing the whole top.i'll glass that back in later.
an hour or so with a flap disc and it'll be ready for some fresh wood
just might see vthe water again this year before it's frozen



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That's a nice looking boat, what do you think the new boat will do for MPH? I like the cat walk on the front of the trailer, that must make it nice to load and unload.
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You just don't stop do ya? Lol.
I know......I got issues.
that outher one we bought was turn-key,all I did was buff it out.
I enjoy a challenge and is nice doing something I haven't done before.
most of the fun is bringing something back from the dead that most people wouldn't even attempt

That's a nice looking boat, what do you think the new boat will do for MPH? I like the cat walk on the front of the trailer, that must make it nice to load and unload.
thanks,should be able to get 50+ outta it with some tuning and playin around with props.
that platform really is a good idea

That's a nice looking boat. I cant believe that's a 78. :thumbsup: Good luck with her.
thanks Karen. the wood was shot but the glass is decent.i need some seats.those cheesy generic boat seats gotta go.need to make some similar to what it came with

like these

should be a badass little boat after I do it up with custom paint with a buttload of huge flake.
should have all the materials to do the transom and floor by monday
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Got all the wood in,replaced the stringer since it was shot too..Still need to put some more matting on,ran out of resin,have to order another gallon.
Boat will be stronger than it was originally when I'm done.

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Nice job on the wet well between the transom knees. Was there much water weight in the wood you removed? Invariably getting rid of that weight far outweighs retro-repairs that exceed the minimum design, and you feel it the first time you get out on the water. I really like what you're doing with it. Good demonstration of your skills.
thanks Karen and Dave,

wood was probably three times the weight of what it should've been, totally saturated. the stringer wasn't even tied in with the wet well,stopped about 2"s short for some reason :eek:ut: I might even put in a couple gussets tying the transom and the floor together.i did refoam under the floor,the existing foam was saturated too.
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getting close,been putting in a lot of hours in on this thing
all the glasswork is done
engine,fuel tank,carpet and seats go back in tomorrow
should be back in the water by the weekend