Pedal car progress

So I have had this old 56 Garton Mark V pedal car for about 10 years. I bought it from an auction and it was all tore apart and in a box missing some parts. I chopped suspension (if thats what you want to call it) down and started working on the body work but it got stashed away and that's how it set for 10 years. Well my wife said she wanted to use it for some picture with our son but I was kind of embarrassed because it has set in the storage building and rusted and looked like crap. So took it to work and sand blasted all the rust and bondo back out of it, had them run it thru the powder coater.
I brought it all home and started working on the rims, I had bought new tires and a steering wheel for it 10 years ago once I found out what all it was missing so I had all the parts lined up for it.
Here it is when I started this time around...
1396717654_zpsa6239fc2.jpg Photo by AMCSBC | Photobucket

Here it is now....

1396705845_zps91f2d154.jpg Photo by AMCSBC | Photobucket
1396705883_zps4581dc19.jpg Photo by AMCSBC | Photobucket

I still have bodywork to redo and then ad some painted chrome and some scallops or color to it but he ABSOLUTELY loves it!!
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Awesome:thumbsup: That little guy is building memories he will never forget. The first pedal tractor I rode was in 1958, and I still love pedal toys today.
He has played on it since I brought it home from work when I got it powder coated. He would get his milk in the morning and run in and sit in the car body and watch cartoons. Saturday when he came down and seen it all complete he dropped on the floor and was looking at the wheels and looking under it (I said he was checking for any rust issues). He was so excited, I need to rig up and handle like a stroller so he can cruise the mall in it.