1. Roadmaster75

    MW-CESTAD big wheel trike progress.

    Fine tuning this project now. The original HM80 runs great and had the 7 amp lighting set up on it. I wanted electric start SOOOOO, put in a brand new 11HP Tecumseh, retro fitted the flywheel and 7 amp set to it and added a starter and battery. Its got a switch panel on the front fork...
  2. Roadmaster75

    My Gilson- MW progress.

    Been a while since I posted anything. Cancer and chemo slowed me down, but back among the living and spinning the wrenches again. The Brittany Blue one below is mostly original and just about done now. Need to modify a new brake band to fit the Gilson brake set up. Have H60 that might go...
  3. R

    new to the site again, progress on bird mini bike

    just waiting on the seat from upholstery, some pics of what I started with and how it turned out. runs great and was an enjoyable build, Eric from OldMiniBikes was a great help. ready to find another !! made the scrape brake, exhaust, exhaust brackets, rotated the predator tank 180 degrees and made...
  4. HarleyJJ

    progress on the Cat Eliminator

    Thanks to a buddy of mine i was able to score a useable original seat that after sending to get some repair shouold fit the look of the bike perfectly. I have decided to wet sand down to original pineapple paint and clear coat for a neat patina look for now. Tried to upload the pics but...
  5. B

    Baja build from parts. Work in progress.

    I started on this project awhile ago and posted a couple pictures. Here are some updated photos. The biggest changes will be the creating of a battery box, installation of a real tank, new Speed Racer tire, relocation of the electric starter switch and new front forks to change the look and...
  6. Jordanminibike

    Progress on my bozo mark 350

    Heres a little update on my project. Between school and work i cant find much time to work on it but i try to as much as i can
  7. packergene

    march 30 progress

    Hello all, fabricated the triple trees, and the fork ends, Just tacked, no welding yet. One question please... How much space if any, should the triple tree plates have between the head tube?? The over all length including bearings? (I'm using the roller bearing with the lock rings so they will...
  8. D

    DoodleBug Build Work in Progress

    I'm in the process of building 4 Doodlebugs. I hope to complete them by the spring. I got bit Big Time. I have 2 more that are going in the shop for power coating.:thumbsup:
  9. Go_Mizzou99

    Murray Track 2 - pictures when brand new in 2001 and today as a work in progress

    They got them on Christmas day in 2001. It was something like 12 degrees...notice they are not even wearing gloves lol. They will be redone by this Christmas - ready to be re-gifted. They are now 25 and 23 y.o. :smile:
  10. MilwMini

    Golden Pinto in progress.

    Here's my Golden Pinto in progress. I have to get a motor soon and get it running again. Thx, Andy
  11. N

    Elburro in progress

    This is where I started and now at, just waiting on the bearings for the neck so I can mount the forks. anyone know what year serial # 2502 would be 69? 70? and advice on what is the best chain to use seeing that I have a band brake for my only means of stopping. any help would be appreciated.
  12. chopperbunch

    Fox Project In Progress

    I had my Fox bike sandblasted today, and I have to say I have a solid old-school mini in my possession. This is my first minibike project, and so far, so good. I lightly sanded with 1000 grit after the blasting, then wiped with paint thinner before hitting with primer. Maybe I should have...
  13. sharkdude1

    work in progress

    not much in the way of performance upgrades, or engine swap, but some decorative touches new exhaust and air filter on the Road Rage bike despite copious amounts of green slime and new valve stems, the tires do not hold air for more than a day or so.
  14. J


    My home made mini bike. Modified generator frame. 5,5hp clone. Home made seat. Pocket bike fork. Work in progress. But fun to ride.
  15. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Manco Thunderbird Budget Build

    Started on my second bike project this week--a Thunderbird I picked up for 50 bucks with a 5hp GC160 on it. Lots of work to do, so thought I'd post the progress on this project. This will be a rider, I broke the bank with my Bird this is on the cheap.
  16. frankster

    Blazer Side Panels

    Looking for Blazer side panels for my Dad's build. You can see the build in the project section. My dad is 81 yes old; he doesn't have a computer so I'm logging the progress and helping him where I can. The Blazer is in real good shape. Thanks Frankster

    mini uke in progress (sceptre)

  18. M

    Proud of my progress

    So I've been building my db and i must say Proud of my progress. Only air filter header jet e tube and sprocket change. My db feels like a totally different bike time for forks paint and a few other little thing and my bike done! For now anyway:laugh:
  19. hemigremmy

    Pedal car progress

    So I have had this old 56 Garton Mark V pedal car for about 10 years. I bought it from an auction and it was all tore apart and in a box missing some parts. I chopped suspension (if thats what you want to call it) down and started working on the body work but it got stashed away and that's how...
  20. K

    new tires & tubes as well as progress on the build

    Well I just ordered the new tires (2.5-10) for my Bird Thunderbird. The rims both have some bent areas I will be taking a sledge to this weekend to get the bead back into shape. Found some nice tires at Motorcycle Superstore - Kenda K329 Front/Rear Scooter Tire, with tubes and rim strips for...