Picked up a Baja MB165

Hey all, I just picked up a Baja MB165 yesterday for $160. This is my first mini bike so forgive my noobness. :laugh: It needs a little TLC, but it starts up and runs pretty well. Although, it does smokes quite a lot with the choke on until it has warmed up, not sure if this is normal or a worn out ring; your advice would be appreciated. It is missing the original seat and needs a new clutch cover, throttle handle, and kill switch assembly as well. Does any happen to know where the throttle return spring goes? It is missing that as well and I'm about to purchase one.

As of now, I've been focusing on cleaning it up and polishing the tank and fenders. Suggestions for mods or improvements would be great. :smile:

IMG_0927.JPG IMG_0929.JPG
Wow 10 days and 100 views and nobody said Hello? Welcome to OldMiniBikes, Cool bike!!! As for your questions, sounds like worn rings, I've seen those bikes for sale with "actual Harley seat", you might find one pretty cheap on CL. Clutch covers are for wussys! Search for pics of throttle linkages, should be plenty. OldMiniBikes warehouse is a great place for parts.
Keep the clutch cover it looks better and blocks the dirt I wish I had one on my bikes. That's a good price I got my firehawk for 150 it is similar
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Thanks everyone for all your advice! I didn't get to reply until now because of the forum re-directing issue. After doing some research, I decided to do a common swap found here and dropped in a Predator since the original motor was in rough shape. Unfortunately I did not find any boxes with the Hemi head since I'm in California. I'm in the process of re-painting the frame, gas tank, and fenders and decided to go with gloss black. I recently e-mailed OldMiniBikes Warehouse as well and asked them if their mini bike header will clear my frame and fenders, but haven't gotten a response yet. Definitely been a fun project so far.