1. C

    Vintage B&S wont start, what is missing from this picture (carb)

    Some missing springs and linkage are preventing me from hooking up a throttle cable and maybe part of the dreaded no-start problem as well. (Good spark, fresh gas, good compression) Any idea where I may be able to get needed parts? It's a 1958!
  2. olddog

    What am I missing? Chinese Mike Bike Muffler

    I have to be missing something...... 05 CHINESE MANCO MINI BIKE EXHAUST MUFFLER | eBay
  3. james ackerman

    Tecumseh 3 or 3.5 hp. Not sure of year missing shroud

    text me for more photos 4193719545 or email resolutionrebel7684@gmail.com I think it was off a rupp originally had a slant intake. Also have the head that's not pictured 65 plus shipping.
  4. Studeman68

    What's missing?

    What's missing from this equation? :out: Trail horse mini bike | eBay
  5. E

    Throttle not working, missing linkage?

    I just bought a Baja Heat for my 13 year old son yesterday (although I admit I'm sure I'll be enjoying it too :) but here's a video with what I'm working with here since I don't know the names of the things involved...I'm assuming I'm missing some kind of part or linkage? Any help would be...
  6. Studeman68

    Just a few bits missing.....

    The listing states just a few bits missing??? :confused: This makes me feel much better about my $80 Trail Horse roller I recently grabbed up...that has all its "bits" still welded to it... And it sure looks like a Bonanza to me.. Vintage Trail Horse GTO 110 Mini Bike Frameset | eBay
  7. JohnnyTillotson

    New carb missing Welch plug?

    What is this gaping hole here on the left under the bowl on a new nos carburetor I got today? Shouldn't there be a Welsh plug covering this? Before I pop one in I just want to make sure the newer carbs didn't come with this open. Thanks
  8. doodlebug6.5

    Lash cap missing

    I lost my lash cap on the exhaust valve while taking head apart, could I get a lash cap from auto zone or napa or somewhere? Do I even need it? Could I run the motor for a little bit before I get one thanks
  9. O

    I must be missing something..!!

    For the last 2 hours I've been fiddling with the throttle linkage on my Model P..with 8 HP Briggs. Mr Trotter helped me out with the wire part that I was missing..but..after I had everything together....for the last time...I found the throttle was still wrong. The engine starts and runs at...
  10. K

    Ebay bolt what am I missing here

    2 guy are duking it out for a Bonzans fork bolt $42 Fork Bolt Original Bonanza Mini Bike BC1200 | eBay when I took the one out of my bc1300 the lower neck bushing had nice threads in it you could move the forks around about 2-3 " I put new bushing in it and got a new bolt that was longer and...
  11. SimpleTom

    Am I missing something here?

    Seems awful high for a set of forks. Maybe some shill bidding? Vintage Mini Bike Early Bonanza Fork | eBay Same thing going on with the frame. Vintage Mini Bike Early Bonanza Frame and Swing Arm | eBay
  12. bikebudy

    NOS V Belt Comet Clutch

    3/4 bore New in Box, Stamped Jun 16 1971 :blink: Only thing, the Brass belt bushing is missing. 10.00 at gokartsupply.com 120.00 plus shipping
  13. L

    Bonanza BC 1100 frame/fork

    I have a Mid peg BC 1100 frame and upper forks (w/tripple tree bolt and new bushings) that I can(and only will) deliver to Windber. Sorry no can load photo. Bad stuff: Missing left mid peg support. Has 4 :1/4" holes in frame some hoser drilled to fit a seat. missing 1 rear fender support...
  14. W


    Hello Warren Judgd here new to the forum bought my first mini bike today and old used but great running Cat Slingshot came wit a Honda 3.5 motor and missing a few pieces hopeing to get help on her to make her new again thanks Warren
  15. W

    Cat slingshot help

    Hello just bought my first new mini bike have a Cat Slingshot. I'm not sure on a few thing first not sure if it came with the 3.5 Honda motor, the disk brake assembly not sure how to adjust to make it work stronger. And what parts I may be missing for with the frame and the engine. Any help...
  16. KustomKartKid

    Original CAT Spoon Type Brake Lever

    Well I think it's an original CAT part...I saved it for 10 years so I must have thought it was. I think the holes and that little symbol stamped into the end of the bracket are the clues but I'm not sure. The experts will correct me if I'm wrong. Original hardware...one screw is missing the nut...
  17. J

    Picked up a Baja MB165

    Hey all, I just picked up a Baja MB165 yesterday for $160. This is my first mini bike so forgive my noobness. :laugh: It needs a little TLC, but it starts up and runs pretty well. Although, it does smokes quite a lot with the choke on until it has warmed up, not sure if this is normal or a worn...
  18. jeep4me

    Missing Parts from OldMiniBikes

    I placed a decent order for some parts I needed on a couple bikes. Most of them were smaller parts, but I ordered extras for inventory. I received the package today and there's missing parts.... but not necessarily the fault of OldMiniBikes. The package was heavily damaged and torn open in two...
  19. Thad


    I know it's a bonanza. Is it a bc1300? I know there are subtle differences between models. The shocks have springs. What year is it. Did it have a jackshaft? The motor mount has a square chopped out of it for a chain to go through. Is it a simple bolt in To replace the jackshaft or cutting and...
  20. capguncowboy

    Gilson in PA

    Vintage Gilson Barn Find Minibike | eBay $260 BIN -- Has a lot of the desirable parts, but missing the engine, jackshaft, clutch guard and rear chain guard.