Picked up a Muscle Bike at a swap meet this past weekend.

I've always loved these style bikes. I've never owned one. I went to a large indoor swap meet Sunday morning and ran into a good friends father who was set up as a vendor. I hadn't seen him in about 6 years so we were catching up. He had this little Western Flyer Buzz Bike sitting there and it was catching my eye the whole time. I asked him how much? He said "give me $60 bucks that's what I bought it for at an estate sale." I tried giving him more and he wouldn't take it. Took it home and cleaned it up today. It's a pretty cool...hopefully it doesn't turn in to more lol. Here are some before and after pics. It's really crappy here today, but that metallic "Go Fast Grape" (Western Flyers name for it) should look nice in the sun. Anyone else have any muscle bikes to share??? 20170205_104431.jpg 20170205_104406.jpg 20170205_141300.jpg 20170205_141302.jpg