Please review my 196 clone build plan.

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I though stock timing was 24 degrees BTDC?

Anyhow, the PVL was just the first part to come in, otherwise it is still stock. The rest should be here this week. Instead of just doing everything at once, I want to make changes incrementally and see if I can tell the difference.
I have heard different timing numbers from stock clones so last year I was curious and put a timing wheel on two different 196's. Both Hisun and Greyhound were 28 degrees BTDC with the stock flywheel and key.


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Swapped my Huyai carb on the Hisun for the PK2B of my Tillotson to see if I could find something. Might have found a little power by the butt dyno, but had a hard time dialing it in perfectly. Maybe the pilot jet is a bit too big. Not too surprised. The PK2B is just supposted to be built to tight tolerances, not necesarily performance enhancing.

Got my PVL flywheel in, lapped it and mounted it with the 5 deg key I had on the stock flywheel. I think the 5 degrees in addition little bit of built in advance in the PVL was a bit too much. No kickback, but it was a bit harder to start and didn't seem to run as strong, so I reset it with a stock key. I filed around 2-3 degrees off of a key to try, but haven't put it in yet.

Wheelies are back! The lighter weight flywheel must spin up quite a bit easier than the stock one. I'd like to see aluminum flywheels promoted as a performance enhancer, not just a safety tax. Just the flywheel alone got the Hisun a lot closer to the Tillotson than it was before. Blipping the throttle and jumping little dips and humps is of my favorite things to do when I ride. Neither the Tillotson nor the Hisun will do it if you are going over 5-10 mph or so, but if you are crawling through some tight trails, blipping away is a blast!
PK1B, not 2. My mistake.


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Got everything but the carb on and, after a little break in and an oil change, gave it a good workout. Hard to see much difference in the low end, but it was pretty cool to feel it keep pulling past 5500 rpms. Only took it up to 6000 before I ran out of runway though. I need to GPS it and check my speed, but it is plenty fast. I got on it in my small pasture, then nailed the brake and left a 50 ft skid mark in the dirt. A front brake setup is the next upgrade after the carb...