Predator 212 Ghost Engine


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Care to share?
My opinion is to not put a kart racing engine on a mini bike. What kind of riding do you plan? I am not sure you will have much low end grunt to turn those big tires.


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When the Ghost came out my first thought was you could do what they are doing (power) with a standard hemi Pred with a Chinese Mikini, and a 252 Rattlesnake cam for less than the cost of the Ghost.

It's just a bolt on engine for the go kart guys.

May be an ok option for your Coleman because you can use the Coleman tank and flywheel to power your lights. It does have an RPM limiting coil but still risky to run stock flywheels at 6K RPM. If you plan on running with a torque converter you would be fine because it will limit your RPM if you run with the stock driver. If you run with the stock jackshaft you run a risk with either flywheel. Thankfully the Ghost has a crankshaft with a clone taper and rod journal.

I'll never get one but if someone gave me one the hemi head would go in the garbage. It would get a 196 head with Champion rockers, billet rod and an aftermarket flywheel.

Another thing that makes it a good option is if you don't care to open the engine and just want to bolt on your external parts and go.