Predator 212 Non-Hemi Modified No Start

Hi All,

I've run out of ideas and instead of stalking the forums I'm actually needing help. I've tried everything I could find in regards to my issue.

I started my first predator 212 non-hemi modifications and I can not get this guy to start. Just in case I do live at 6,000. When I first got it put back together a few months ago after a ton of pulling it ended up starting up. It would take lot of consistent pulls to get that.

Here's everything I've done to the engine:

  • Mod2 Cam
  • 18lb springs
  • ARC 6254 Billet Rod
  • Flat-Top Piston (70mm, .570 Compression Height)
  • Nibbi PE22 Carb - I've even returned and got a new one.
  • Arc 6695 Billet Flywheel
Here's everything I've tried to get it running:

  • Set valve lash at .003 at TDC, verify lash after pulls, reset lash multiple times
  • Try different/New Gas.
  • Verified Mod2 cam time is set correctly
  • Verified, tested and use couple of different spark plugs - Spark is fine and lash of starter is .030
  • Using stock timer key as directed by Arc Billet Flywheel for the built in timing. Verified key is not sheared.
  • Messed with carb settings, taken carb apart cleaned and verify things were working as expected. Replaced carb from 26mm to 22mm. Both Nibbi
  • Tried engine starter with first carb
  • Tried Drill start
I'm not sure what else to look for and check. I was thinking I had incorrect Billet Rod and Piston but GoPowerSports confirmed the two would work together. Did I overlook some timing. Any help or tips or even a direction I could research into is greatly appreciated.
Your statement was not ignorant. I have been thinking about this topic and this engine quite a bit as I have been planting and weeding my own garden.
It would seem that while pulling the rope many, many times, it might be apparent there was no compression. I would think the rope would pull rather easily and the sound would be very unusual. We have not gotten to the bottom of this one, yet.
I'm trying not to say "root cause" after planting all those beets Friday.

I suspect a valve problem more than the head gasket thing. Even with no gasket in there, it should have popped if that was the only problem.
Hello Everyone, Last night I received my parts in and I believe it was the head gasket it was very thin compared to the fiber one I ordered. With the cylinder head off I inspected and did get some better photos for you all. I got everything cleaned up, I ended upgrading the springs to 22lbs and replacing the stock rockers with champion rockers. I got everything put back together and on @sparkwizard's recommendation ran a compression test before anything else. Low and behold I was getting hitting about 45-50 on pull. Threw everything back together and boom she started right up. I honestly think it was the head gasket being too thin?? There was no chips or anything inside the engine and the head gasket was fine. Could have been a valve problem though too and I re-lapped them and put on new springs and rockers.