Prowler ?


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Hi guys Does anyone know by these pictures if this is an Arctic cat Prowler?
The guy said it is an Arctic cat (I know that but I cant see much else.)
It has the wire spoked wheels,saxonette (missing the recoil) and the tank looks different than the SSScat. It's not running, It's listed as make offer.
What would be reasonable.?

Yes. 1972 Arctic Cat Prowler. 1972 Prowler's and Ramrods had 10" spoked wheels and a heavier rear swingarm. They also usually had a throttle with integrated kill switch (red button on the housing). Front forks used internal springs. Everything else was exactly he same as all other 1971 Arctics with 6" wheels. The SSSCat's used the same frames but had a different tank. Everything after them had a teardrop tank. This guy needs to provide more pictures to determine true condition and value.

Can't ask prices here. Check your PM's. Provide side shots if you can.


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Can't ask prices here. Check your PM's. Provide side shots if you can.[/QUOTE]

Sorry I forgot about that, I just figured some of you Cat guys knowing what parts are or are not available would have an Idea of what to expect. I dont have any pictures other than what's posted. I have an SSSCat! and my recoil and fenders are missing and has the different wheels. so as a parts bike this doesnt do me much good. But If I can get it running It might be farther along than my SSScat.
You mentioned fenders. Those were different on the 1972 Prowlers and Ramrods too. They were painted to match the tank and had a flatter profile.

Here are a couple pics. Not the best but would give you an idea. The top one is the official one from the 1972 catalog. Funny thing, they switched to rectangular reflectors when in production.

1972's with Saxonette's also used the bullet muffler with 1/2"x3" stinger at the end. most earlier Saxonette models used the bullet muffler that exited straight out the back.

If you can get it to run and it's mostly there, this would be an awesome rider. They ride smooth. Top speed is about 25mph. I've got plenty of recoils now but I used to just use a 3' rope and a T-handle wrapped around the recoil drum that bolts to the flywheel. Not as convenient but works fine.

It would be a shame to part this out, but I'm all about saving them.



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I use a drill with a square head bolt put into a 3/8 drive socket and run in reverse to start my SSSCatI It works but sucks if you stall out somewhere away from the shed. I'll try to look at it if I get a chance.


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I spoke with him earlier(noonish) and said I would come out to look at it. I tried to get ahold of him to look at it after work (4pm ish) and he didn't answer so I tried to find it based on the Google maps but couldn't find it The ad is gone so he probably sold it. But that's OK I already have a SSSCat that runs but needs some things. I just would of like to seen it's actual condition and see if it would have run. Oh well:shrug:


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OK scratch my last post He called me and still had the bike I just got back from looking at it.

When I got there I asked him if it would run or could run when he got it and he said it was just the way You see it now. Now I know why he's selling it. Lets start from the front and work our way back. Front tire dry rotted and split needs replaced. chromed rim totally rusted, no holes but pitted. front breaks -froze, front break lever-froze. Front fender missing. Gas tank rusty on the outside plastic dome on the gauge cap missing, couldn't get cap off. Seat cover was OK but the base was rotted. Recoil missing, aluminum gear housing missing, flywheel wouldn't turn (assuming it was seized? or rusted to magneto ) Air box on the carb missing, carb was split all around the primer button (like it had been frozen). Chain rusted stiff, back tire and wheel same as front ,needed replaced and chromed. Rear brakes froze, rear brake lever froze. I couldn't get the bike to roll forward or backwards. Rear fender was there but rusted and pitted.
Oh.. forks were straight, handle bars were good and frame wasn't cracked anywhere. Light was there but no one knows if it works (there were wires detached coming out of the motor).

He wouldn't give me a price so I offered him $35 he said Oh we can get more than that out of it. I told him that it would have to be a total tear down and rebuild just to ride it. and I couldn't even tell if the motor was free. Plus anything usable for parts would have to be fixed first. (it's not even compatible to my SSSCAT I) Unless some one already has the parts to fix it they would be screwed. I cant afford to rebuild it just for a rider.

He said he would call if he doesn't get any better offers

We'll see
My apologies to 1stlegendtx. Maybe you weren't too far off. LOL

Even in this condition it's worth plenty, but it would take a lot to get it back into shape if you don't have what it needs.

It drives me crazy when people leave bikes outside and they rust away. What a waste.


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Quote: ArticMinibike
Even in this condition it's worth plenty, but it would take a lot to get it back into shape if you don't have what it needs.

I don't disagree, But I don't have any parts stockpiled to justify spending more than $35. However I don't want to have to rebuild it just to use it. Remember the owner bought it in this condition and without doing a single thing to it decided to buy something usable and sell this. If I could get it cheap I would put the Sach's from my ssscat on it and fix the rest and use it. But I wont spend a $100 or more just to put $300 into fixing it.