Quick Coleman BT200X Gambler 500 Build

Well with time running out fast before the 100 mile gambler enduro I quickly realized my Rupp wasn’t going to be ready in time. I’ve had this bike for a few years but it was all stock. I decided to do a quick build and have this ready for the gambler enduro that’s in 3 weeks. The engine is from my last build and runs great just needs some minor carb tuning still. Went with a knockoff 30 series and a juggernaut and changed the rear sprocket to a 60tooth. The biggest improvement was the addition of a hydraulic front disc brake. This bike wheelies and tops out over 50mph!
22DE2880-2B9C-4500-894B-FF0BF2C6B12A.jpeg 78FA3F6F-21D3-4468-ABD7-3AF598584AB4.jpeg D06892C0-855A-49F0-806B-37CCDBB9D7F8.jpeg F06BF085-8EF0-4397-B216-4D0C07007332.jpeg
So it’s official July 16th Pendleton Oregon is when the mini bike gambler is happening. The bike is pretty much ready just have to build an exhaust and gather up all my extra parts and tools to take with me
I actually painted this bike most of my projects are always changing so I usually never get around to painting but this one I did. I just touched up the areas I ground on or added, and gave the wheels a nice coat of silver metallic wheel paint. Now that it looks nice I can go mess it up. I need to finish making an exhaust for it and finish going through all the fasteners with thread locker. Attached are a few pics of some of the parts I beefed up. Mostly the relocated foot pegs and the rear axle mounts. I also went for a couple mile cruise today after work. Everything feels really good and it has a top speed of 55 on the flats and I got it up to 61 going down a small hill
65F0CBB4-48E8-4210-9B97-492A579B49CF.jpeg 9DF6338C-BB1D-4272-8E2C-979C8D1B6494.jpeg A64258D4-2BD1-4B9A-B0F8-67DEF14B7A06.jpeg 3939D306-105E-41DC-A716-6FD8490597DF.jpeg
And the exhaust is done! I used a supertrapp 3s muffler since it’s a USFS approved spark arrester and it’s tuneable. Header wrapped it and added a brake back to the engine plate. It sounds good and functions well I’m pretty happy how it came out
53A2535A-1C76-41B0-931B-8AE092C24054.jpeg 15DAA7EA-4F0C-4D4A-87DF-A147965D6BF3.jpeg EB0296DE-0478-473F-9428-FABFC7D53379.jpeg E972C11F-B2AD-492B-B8D4-2099F62EFCD0.jpeg