Recoil Mounted Lightning Generator


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Selling a working lighting generator. Includes recoil, generator, light (not pictured) and appropriate mounting hardware.

Fits hs50 and possibly other hs model tecumseh engines.

Run lights without having to have one of those expensive lighting coil equipped engines. Just mount to your existing motor.

Asking $120 shipped.

PayPal only. Thanks!

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I've find them around here from time to time. The hardest part is making sure you have the correct recoil and driver cable.
Yes nice piece in deed. It doesn't look like older technology, can these be bought brand new? Or easily found. That's the first one I've seen or heard about.
Yes, me too.

It makes good sense all that spinning energy going on, might as well harness some more of it to generate some electricity for the lights.

It also makes me wonder why the old fashion bicycle type, tire contact, generator lights are not utilized more often (than I am aware of) ....:shrug:.... I mean, it's free energy (relatively speaking) :laugh: .