1. gwoods27

    H70 Lighting Coil

    Looking for a lighting coil for an H70 points engine. Anyone know the part #? Can the same coil be used on other engines, like HS50/40 or H60/50 etc…
  2. X

    Nova II with a lighing coil

    Can you use the Nova II with a lighting flywheel? If so I'm guessing you have to wire it in line with the points still (Basically use the points as a trigger for the nova?
  3. BWL

    Coil bind?

    Someone mentioned that coil bind was the cause of the camshaft failing on my recent Box Stock mud motor build. I noticed the exhaust valve has a lash cap on it. I don't remember seeing on on my old Predator. Could that be contributing to the possible coil bind?
  4. R

    lighting coil

    Did Briggs ever use a lighting coil on an engine ?
  5. R

    1969 TECUMSEH H-35 with Lightning Coil

    I have a Super clean 1969 Tecumseh H-35 engine with lightning Coil PTO 2 1/4" 5/8" Keyed + Tapped $450 Plus Shipping Sorry No Trades Model # H-35 - 45292G Serial # 9251-12941 Can email or text pics
  6. T

    Wanted Tecumseh HS50 motor with lighing coil

    Hunting for an HS 50 for our AC - Gilson mini-bike. Prefer a good- running one, but consider one that needs rebuilt! Also prefer one with lighting coil.
  7. S

    WTB: Tecumseh H50 w/lighting coil

    Hello: I am still gathering parts for my 1969 Bonanza 1400T project and I am now looking out for an engine. Must be a vintage Tecumseh H50 5hp with a lighting coil. Motor should be in great shape, no issues. Does not have to be date specific to the bike. 60's or 70's vintage fine, just not...
  8. C

    Coil Wire Replacement

    The hard plastic spark plug cap got broke on my engine. Is the coil wire replaceable on these or is it molded into the coil? Pictures online make it look like it comes off the coil.
  9. Fantic Freddy

    Broncco TX-7 external coil

    I'm in need of a coil for my '70 Broncco TX-7. My current one was giving a weak spark, now it's dead. Let me know if you have a good one for sale. Thanks.
  10. jeffdubb8

    H35 Lighting Coil Flywheel Questions

    I have an Aspera HT35 from the 1960's/1970's which for all intents and purposes is the same as an H35. I recently got an H35 lighting coil from an OldMiniBikes member and the flywheel rubs against the coil. Question is: are the flywheels on the lighted H35 engines different than the flywheels on the...
  11. B

    Hooking up light to the lighting coil????

    Trying to wire up the lights on my trail horse which is a first for me. Tail light has a brown and red wire headlight has 2 whites. My engine has the standard plug with the red black and green. I was planning on running The brown from the tail light , one white from the headlight and one wire...
  12. jeffdubb8

    H35 Lighting coil vs HS40 Lighting coil, same?

    Hi guys, does anyone know if an HS40 lighting coil will fit/work on an H35? Thanks.
  13. bikebudy

    1973 HS40 Tecumseh with Light coil

    Said, I would never sell this, So get me before I change my mind :laugh: 1973 HS40 with charge coil, Runs and lights perfectly, Bushing crank 450.00 US Plus the Ride / shipping You have no Idea how hard this was to post, LOL
  14. R

    197O TECUMSEH 4 hp hs-40 lightning coil engine

    No relation to seller -worth all the money .Should bring $400 plus-Came off a Rupp Vintage minibike Rupp 4hp Tecumseh | eBay
  15. B

    H50 lighting coil question

    Just picked up a lighted h50. What does it put out 12v or 6v. What to buy a headlight and not sure about voltage. Thanks.
  16. FOMOGO

    Honda GX390 Lighting Coil

    I have been researching lighting coils for my 420cc Predator. I have read and been told that the GX390 stuff will fit. Can I get a little advice on out put. There is a 3 amp, a 10 amp and an 18 amp output setup. I figure the 10 amp will keep the battery charged and the lights on. Anybody...
  17. Sprocket86

    CDI coil pack issues

    Could a defective CDI coil pack cause a lack of higher RPM's but other wise run fine at idle and slower RPM's? Something is not quite right with my Lawn Boy Duraforce 2 cycle engine that I have adapted for use on my Sprocket mini bike. The CDI coil pack high tension lead was pinched and I...
  18. Studeman68

    Boonie Bike 2 speed coil spring

    Yeah I know I'm reaching for the moon here, but I have all the pieces to complete my Boonie jack shaft except the coil spring that locks the small sprocket. I would even be interested in a shaft in any condition that I might be able to repair with my parts or even rebuild.. any help would be...
  19. G

    Tecumseh H60 6 hp vintage with lighting coil engine

    i have a vintage 6 hp tecumseh h60 motor with lighting coil. perfect for your vintage mini bike project. 675$ buyer pays shipping I'm in northern california. i take paypal.
  20. cudaman

    Baja Warrior lighting coil on blue clone engine.

    I just picked up an old Baja warrior with a tired motor for my daughter. We just got a warrior promod jackshaft kit, header, cone filter, etc. We have a new spare blue clone motor and we are planning to drop it in the warrior. My question is (have not taken the warrior apart yet) will the...