Refinish plastic gas tanks?

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Anyone have thoughts/suggestions on how to bring discolored white plastic tanks back
to a nice newish look? Paint, sand, chemical clean? Would be great to hear your suggestions or experience!
Ok first I took a sos pad and washed the whole tank in hot water to both clean and smooth the surface....wash again to get blue crap off...I then used liquid 35 percent peroxide, BUT, go to your local beauty parlor supply shop and buy a bottle of that pasty stuff people use to bleach out their hair, (they’ll know what you’re talking about)it’s a paste at about 45 percent, that will make process better and quicker....I smear that on the tank about medium thickness....wrap it carefully in Saran Wrap and set in the sun or under good uv lamp...I let mine set in the WV October sun for about 4 hours if I remember correctly....then I took another sos pad and cleaned off the peroxide residue let it dry a day or two....hope it works for you guys...mine turned out great!

you should also rotate your tank as the sun moves so you don’t get a whiter area than another..and turn it over to get the bottom....if you follow me..
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