Reverse three wheeler?

I had a ‘79 Honda odyssey that had a butterfly type steering wheel with throttle and brake levers on it. Just an idea but it might be an option for your design. It did give you excellent control on what was a bouncy buggy. I’m picturing handlebars being like ape hangers without seeing your design sketches.
No ape hangers. I think something more like straight tube with thumb throttle. I was planning to ese a band brake in the clutch, since I have one that was on a Predator. The Briggs block does not have holes in the side cover to mount it, so we will find a seat, start welding on the frame and see what we come up with.
Ginz61, I never had an Odyssey, but my wife drives one, now. Does that count?
I saw a few of them in the desert when I was stationed in California. I remember them as being crazy stupid fast 2 stroke dune buggies.
That butterfly steering system with throttle and brake would be ideal if I could locate one. We will make do with what we have. Will had fun with his electric 4 wheeler with twist grip. There is a nearly new Coleman CT100 in the garage, again, twist throttle. Might stay with what he is comfy with.
Yes the early ones were pretty fast stock and if you hopped them up a bit ie: clutch , pipe etc they were damn near uncontrollable lol. The engine was basically a 250r with a snowmobile type belt drive. Definitely a blast but tough on the back as the low psi rear tires was your only suspension in the back. Crazy but they were the grand daddy of 4 wheelers. I guess I was hoping that you might have had something similar in you gold mine junk pile!
Actually, most of my scrap metal pile is either old farm equipment, lawn mowers, some mini bikes and stuff that people brought here to be welded or to get running. If the owner decided it wasn't worth fixing, it went behind the garage. As the pile grew, we have been scavenging parts to repair other things. I was in the habit of hauling it all away every winter, but it has not happened in a couple years.
The Odyssey was more like a go kart than a 4 wheeler, wasn't it? Like sitting in a bath tub?
The engine runs great, but the side cover that I used had no dowel pin for a governor. I needed the four bolt holes for the clutch brake.
We decided not to even try putting a chain on it until we get a jackshaft kit. A 15 inch tire with 6:1 gear ratio and no governor is NOT what I want my 9 year old riding around the yard. Still needs some type of floor to keep feet from going under the seat. Speaking of the seat, Will has a Craftsman riding mower with no deck. It was given to us because it didn't run. The 24 horse V twin is planned for a hovercraft project. Anyway, he donated his seat, hinges, coil springs and safety kill switch for this project. There is about 2 inches of travel under that seat. The Magnatron is wired for a kill switch. There will be a toggle up near the "Tilt/Telescoping" bicycle steering neck, and and the safety switch under the seat . The flipper on the head is there to kill it from the rear. He wants it Red White and Blue.
We saw that one. It is very interesting. Live axel an outboard sprocket? Reverse rotation engine? We ride in the large yard or in a farm field, so ground clearance is important.
I also want my long legs to be able to push the thing backwards, but if he needs to back up, I want him to get out,(killing the engine) and push it backwards.
I also found a new thumb throttle on a shelf. It has a throttle stop/cable limiter built into it. That solves the panic throttle issue.
I need to do some experimenting to get the steering the way I want it. I want the inside tire in a turn to turn a tighter arc than the outside tire. Couple reasons for that. It makes it easier to push it around when the tires aren't skidding and fighting each other, it will corner better, faster and if the inside tire does leave the ground, the outside tire will be closer to straight ahead.It was hard to get goth tires in the picture out in the sun. IMG_20230915_133522.jpg
If one tire does leave the ground, it will be exciting and fairly controllable. It if gets too far over, I want the rear tire to come off the ground, slowing the machine and getting it back on all three tires. Training wheels? I want to be able to adjust them up or down, and flip them out of the way for mud. IMG_20230915_134219.jpg IMG_20230915_134022.jpg
Have loops to mount seat belts. I still need to figure out how to keep arms and legs in if it falls over. The base of that little blue dolly is behind the seat for a tool box mount. IMG_20230915_133357.jpg IMG_20230915_133316.jpg
Yeah, we plan to wear it out, break what we can break, grind, weld and modify what we don't like and just keep spraying that cheap acrylic paint on the repairs. I will flip it over and spray the bottom tomorrow, then flip it and put another coat in the sunny side on Wednesday.
We will put it all back together this weekend learn how to drive/ride it.
I just noticed, I never posted a picture of it with the polished stainless bedrails on it. Remember I was trying to keep arms and shoulders in if it rolls? I had a set of short bed S10 bed rails in one of the barns. I'll get a picture when we get them back on there. I was reminded this morning, we need to paint the engine blue before we can install it, and the handlebars white to match the wheels.
We are very patriotic here.