Rivet marks on knockoff 30 series tav2 belt

I didn't notice the issue about 3 hourmeter's ago when I was testing different garter springs. That doesn't mean much being that I can be the least self aware person I know.

comet belt 1a.JPG

Comet 203589 belt on knockoff 30 series tav2. Looks like it's riding a little low in the 6" driven. Middle spring hole. Approx 15 hours on belt. 20 hrs. total ride time.
Stock 212, approx 360 lbs total (bike/rider), 4000 max rpm, 19" tires, 9:1 ratio (8t/72t), basically flat terrain (pasture/dirt road)

My first thought is the chinese red spring is starting to go bad but, being as this is my first rodeo, I have no baseline comparison for spring longevity. I swapped out to the comet green spring and I just ordered another comet belt. It may take some time to resolve this to my satisfaction.

Second thought is chinese driver is just a hair wide between the sheaves and when the spring gets a little used it opens up a little to wide. The original build plan was to come in cheap and upgrade on an as needed basis. Maybe happening sooner than anticipated.

Third is accelerated belt wear but I'm not seeing an excess of belt dust, pulley alignment and belt fit is good, driver bushing is good, and I'm not feeling excessive heat like I did when I was dialing in my gear ratio.

Could be a combination of factors. If anybody has any thoughts on the matter I'd be much abliged if you would share them.


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If the belt is going that deep in the driven wouldn't a belt change be the thing to do?

Another thing you could do to try to understand if there is an issue or not is get a cheap belt to run and see if it gets that kind of wear right away or not. Why ruin a more expensive belt while you are troubleshooting? The cheap belts seem to work ok with good pully alignment.

You're right about not having a baseline. I have no idea how long the driven spring or belt is supposed to last. I see the belt as no different from a chain. It's a maintenance item that's going to need replaced eventually.

If the driven spring starts to lose tension from age or whatever you should see earlier belt shifts. The green spring would get you earlier belt shifts than the red spring. At least this is what I experienced with the green spring.


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That's good. Another thing about it is you can get good info of how long the cheap belt lasts compared to your original belt with the same pully alignment and gearing.