Ross Hoss

Hello I know this is an old thread. Has there been any new information surfaced on the Ross Hoss mini bikes? I acquired one recently that came out of the Colorado foothills. Came with an 8hp B&S motor which was not mounted in the frame, but said to be original.
Hello, I have some info I can pass along regarding the Ross Hoss. I am going to pick one up next week. It was built by RH Ross in texas. A friend of mine invested in the company and has the original contract and stock certificate, All the stuff is dated 1963. He didn't think mant were built as he never got his $2000 investment back. I will know more when I start working on it back here at the shop. The one I will have is all original but has been outside for years in a shed, Are you planniing on restoring yours??
I grew up riding on these :) My Great Grandpa created them. His name was TJ Ross