Runs fine on idle but when I turn the choke to run the throttle is stuck

removed governer from predator 212 and it idles fine with choke on start but when I turn it to run the throttle is stuck and it just wants to go full speed. What can I do to fix. I can’t find anyone with the same problem anywhere. Thanks.
My first thought would be to put it back the way it was and do some more research before you take it apart again.
My second thought would be to post a picture of what you did with the throttle linkage during your modifications.
Maybe we can help if we can see what you've got.
Summer is here. That nice, reliable engine that you had is no longer running. Do you still have the parts you removed?
If you put them back in, you can ride this summer. We the members of this forum would really enjoy interacting with you this summer and maybe passing on some wisdom, experience and tricks we have learned along the way.
One of the first things we all had to learn the hard way was that the governor is in there for VERY good reasons.
A governed engine is very reliable and it is a safe engine. You did ask what you could do to fix...and stated you can't find anybody else with the same problem. Well, the fix is to put it back like it was, and the reason nobody else has this problem is probably because nobody else did what you did.
Have fun and be safe. Dave