Rupp Ripper

So my buddy found this Rupp for me. Im not 100 percent on the direction Im going. The parts are paving the way towards vintage speed.
This west bend 820 found its way to my project my buddy looking out for me. I have built a couple other bikes small Hondas and one weed wacker Tom Thumb build but I don't know anything about this west bend but I'm hoping some experts on here will help fill in the blanks. My frame had a front lower down tube that had a crack. So it went to frame shop and had it replaced repair looks great never tell. Now all paint is stripped ready to mach up engine rebuild wheels and powder coat or paint.
Well I started this today 3 times with help from one other person holding bars it’s hard to start lots of compression. I didn’t ride yet when I Tride to pull cord by myself I couldn’t get it started I’m going to have to figure out how to do this by myself. I went to Joes mini bike show today got a lot of positive feedback.



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Not sure how easy it is to convert or what it entials but I think the WB's could get a compression release valve head, might help with a pullstart.