Scored a Streaker today!

I called a Craigslist poster this morning and picked up a Manco Streaker. So, I went down to his pawn shop and bought the roller. I have a fresh 79cc Predator waiting for it. It needs a sprocket, which I do not have, but I have might have most of the missing pieces needed to dress this Streaker. Please advise me on what it needs...

the newer ones like that have a shield that bolts to the front and a clutch cover similar to a Bird Falcon or Sprint also Manco Thunderbirds used the same cover as did a few others. Likely had a 4hp Robin Subaru engine but could have had a 3.5jhp Tec powersport. I like the older ones with aluminum wheels and without the goofy plate. Here is a Bird with the cover yours should have:
I couldn't resist it for 3 twenty dollar bills. I asked if he had any more mini bikes... so he showed me a Maverick! Chrome frame, rear shocks, bronze colored Briggs/Stratton 3H, original seat, "Maverick" decal with buffalo graphic... a bit dusty, looked like it may have a band brake under the clutch cover. Seemed all or mostly original!