1. metalstringdom

    Is a 79cc Predator too small to move a grown adult or is there another issue?

    I recently finished this mini bike (more has been done since the picture). It was found in the garbage all rusted in 1993, and we grabbed it. It sat in another storage unit for years until we discovered this year that it was still there. I forgot all about it. We cleaned it up and painted...
  2. T

    predator 3 hp 79cc clutch quesstion

    hello all, i have bought a new 3 hp 79cc predator engine from harbor freight it says the pto shaft is 5/8 what size clutch do i need to order for it ?? i have a 5/8 one here but that doesnt fit
  3. MiniDan99

    Cyntrifugal clutch washer ?????? (for a 79cc predator )

    Where can I get the crankshaft shoulder washer that goes between the clutch and the crank shoulder ? I cant find it, and I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be one. Project: Western Flyer SS300 with a new 79cc predator. Thanks, Dan
  4. chopperbunch

    Scored a Streaker today!

    I called a Craigslist poster this morning and picked up a Manco Streaker. So, I went down to his pawn shop and bought the roller. I have a fresh 79cc Predator waiting for it. It needs a sprocket, which I do not have, but I have might have most of the missing pieces needed to dress this...
  5. trailramdan

    Throttle hookup 79cc

    I found a video a month ago and i cant seem to find it. I think they drilled a hole in the throttle arm and hooked up the cable there. Can anyone post the video or have some pics of what they have done on a 79cc predator
  6. Jordanminibike

    79cc predator any good?

    Is the 79cc predator any good? Looking for something to put on my bozo (temporary) till i get an hs50 or some type of vertical cylinder vintage engine over 3.5 hp.
  7. trailramdan

    Predator 79cc clutch

    What size shaft do the harbor freight 79cc engines have? Looking for clutch options for my nephews bike
  8. C

    Help with Predator 79cc bent push rod

    I have a 79cc completely stock engine with about 10 hrs of runtime. Last time trying to start it the pull cord felt like it got hung up. I gave it good hard pull and it came free. Now pulling it I feel no resistance or compression. Pulled it apart and found a bent rod that I believed happened...
  9. leafvillage

    Is there a muffler made to fit on the predator 79cc engine?

    Hi, I would like to add a muffler to my mini bike, I have a predator 79cc. I also need help buying a new brake caliper. Thanks
  10. leafvillage

    exhaust for predator 79cc engine and Brake Caliper

    Hello!! I would like to put an exhaust pipe on my mini bike. I have a 79cc Predator motor, thanks I also need to order a new brake caliper, can you please tell me which one I need. I will post photos of what is on my mini bike now. thank you
  11. Danny01

    19mm carb or bored and reworked carb? 79cc

    so I know some of you guys will give me shit because it's a 79cc but whatever. I need some more power in the 79cc Predator, so I already have exhaust and a torque converter, now I need more air. Would it be better to buy a 19mm carb or a bored and reworked stock carbeurator? will it idle good...
  12. T

    Button killswitch installation on a 79cc Predator engine

    I've got this killswitch https://www.OldMiniBikes.com/Kill-Button-Switch.html?category_id=15#product-details-tab-description Do I just attach the metal part to the bolt that the "OFF" wire runs to and that's it? I don't want to mess up the "ON" "OFF" switch already on the engine.
  13. tundrabeagle3

    79cc hf crankshaft

    I need a keyed crankshaft for my 79cc hf motor so that I can put a clutch on it to power my dirt dog scooter project. I have paypal and live in corona ca
  14. Danny01

    79cc Predator Jet Size?

    Any one know what size jet the 79cc Predator comes with. Need a bigger one. Please help me I need it!
  15. firemarshal71

    Successful 79cc engine swap on Motovox

    Hello, Been a while since I posted any progress on my projects and thought I would share another father/son project. Sometime last fall, my son's Motovox engine finally took a dump and we found a crack in the bottom of the engine casing. We already have another Motovox with the 212cc and know...
  16. Full Throttle

    79cc predator valves

    Does anyone know or has anyone ever replace/upgraded the valve springs in a predator 79cc engine. Also what about the valves, what size valves are in this engine and can you get heavier valve springs , retainers and SS valves for this engine. Looking to try to do some mods. on one of these...
  17. Full Throttle

    79cc predator throttle

    Bought a 79cc predator engine to go on one of my mbx12's and need a throttle kit for that engine so i can use my twist throttle. Anybody know where or got any ideas what will work with original setup . Want to keep the governor on it because of small children but need a setup that works with the...
  18. Danny01

    79cc Predator/ bogs down on acceleration

    When I go full throttle it tries to shut off. It stops when the engine is hot. Not enough fuel? I'll most likely have a vid on it tomorrow.
  19. Danny01

    79cc torque converter

    Does anyone know if there is a torque converter that fits the 79cc Predator. All I have seen is 3/4" bore and I believe it is a 5/8" bore. Please let me know.
  20. Danny01

    79cc mods?

    what mods can I do to a 79cc Predator besides exhaust, air filter, and governor?