1. S

    Gear Ratio

    Hello everyone I’m new to the forum and still kinda a rookie on mini bikes lol, I have some knowledge just not too much. I put a doodlebug db30RR with a stock cylinder head 212cc predator together and it runs perfect it has a vm22 Mikuni clone carb and it has arc billet aluminum fly wheel and...
  2. gwoods27

    WTB - Trail Horse Rear Wheel sprocket and band brake drum mounts

    Looking for a Trail Horse 6” Rear Wheel (5 spoke) with both the sprocket and drum for band bake or even just the sprocket and band brake drum mounts
  3. M

    sprocket size help

    So I bought a 2002 murray track 2 for $150, the throttle has a connecting wire missing, there is no brake at all, chain is loose, starts to die a couple seconds after starting. I am working on fixing all that, and will be swapping engine with a 212cc preador in a couple months. My question is...
  4. CaptNugget

    Cool Helmet Planter

    So this may be a little out there but made this cool planter out of an old helmet I found in the weeds on a family members farm. Sprocket base is from a grain bin sweep and I welded a bolt in the middle and bolted it to helmet through a hole I drilled. Thought it turned out cool so figured I’d share
  5. M

    Top speed much lower after TAV install

    Predator 212 Stock w/ straight pipe and performance filter 420 chain with 54 tooth rear sprocket This TAV I recently added the TAV and my top speed went way down. Is this due to gearing? Do I need to go down in rear sprocket tooth count? I chatted with someone at OldMiniBikes and they have a...
  6. 20200528_185824.jpg


    Making a #219 chain torque converter sprocket
  7. 20190323_165409.jpg


    Making #219 chain sprocket for torque converter.
  8. 20190323_135927.jpg


    Making #219 chain sprocket for torque converter.
  9. 20190323_121444.jpg


    Making #219 chain sprockets for torque converter.
  10. Rear axle/support assembly

    Rear axle/support assembly

    This is the design of the rear axle/support assembly. This will bolt to the 6" rim and has supports for both a sprocket and a rear disc brake.
  11. B

    Sprocket and chain size

    Hey guys so basically I've got a mini bike frame which I'm doing up and everything's going well but I'm having trouble working out the size of the sprocket on the rear wheel it's a 50 tooth but I need to figure out the pitch and what not for getting a clutch it looks bigger than 35 chain so any...
  12. K

    sprocket disc brake caliper

    ebay has a rear disc caliper that uses the sporcket for the disc. but i dont use ebay. anyone know of any place besides ebay to get 1 like that. please post a link
  13. Biffmini

    Wanted! Speedway sprocket hub

    I was able to find two hubs one for front disc & one for sprocket. Now I need one sprocket hub, to set up rear band brake. This is one of the final parts needed for my custom Trail Horse build. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  14. D

    Skat kitty sprocket

    I have a 68 D model in need of a rear sprocket. 4 inch rim with drum and sprocket combined. 48 tooth. Thanks, im anxious to get her roadworthy.
  15. jeep4me

    8" Bonanza wheel rear sprocket

    I'm in search of a decent used, original rear sprocket/brake setup for an 8" Bonanza MX wheel. I need the whole setup, sprocket, drum brake, Bendix arm, spacer, etc. I know I can buy new from OldMiniBikes, but I'm looking for original. Thanks for any help.
  16. Sixpac440

    Who sells a #40 sprocket 72 or more teeth ...

    I have a Heald with a 60 tooth sprocket on it ... I want to go bigger .. 72 or more ... the back tire is 21" tall ... Thoughts? Kevin
  17. J

    chain and sprocket size 41, 40, 420, 428

    I bet this has been beat to death on here, but I did a search and didn't find what I was looking for. From what I can tell all sprockets marked #40 are not the same. 40 and 41 are the same pitch but different width. 2 sprockets I have are marked "40" but are thinner, I think to fit 41 chain...
  18. T

    Coleman CT100U Rear Sprocket Ground Clearance Issues!

    Hi Gang. First post here. I hope you guys can help me out with this. I got a really great deal on two Coleman CT100U's which I bought for my kiddos through Walmart.com. The bikes arrived banged up and missing some parts, but that's a story for another time. I was able to get one running by...
  19. CarPlayLB

    Trailhorse wheels with axles, sprocket hub, brake hub

    I bought this pair of wheels to make a sporty looking bike, but the direction went different. The wheels are very solid, just dirty. No nicks cracks or breaks. These will clean up nice! the sprocket hub has a chip in it, but is a serviceable item. These are 6" wheels Comes with axles and...
  20. Doodads

    Manco 6" Wheels, New Tires/Tubes and Sprocket Brake Assy.

    As pictured, Very nice 6" Manco wheels that have been bead blasted. No cracks or road rash but aren't perfect. Rear wheel sprocket mounting holes not stripped. Tires are new 410 x 350 x 6 Carlisle Stud with tubes from OldMiniBikes WHSE. 60T Sprocket and brake assy bought here on OldMiniBikes as NOS. Also...