September 20th~ next Ghettoneck Society meet

Was asked to make a separate thread from the last meet so it didnt confuse anyone. Next meet is at my house again from 11am - ??. Gonna post it on craigslist as a swap meet. So stop on over. Tons of stuff for kids to do. Riding space!! Beverages. Should be a good time.
My address is
609 kingwood street
Easton, Pa 18045.

See you guys there. Post below if ya think your stopping by.:thumbsup:
P.S. Hent don't yell at me for starting a new thread haha
Wish i could make it Ray, but we have other things going on that day. Im sure i will see you at the hot dog show though. Starting to work on that 3600 i got from you, its coming along very nice. I will post pictures of it when its done. My 11 year picked the color and claimed the bike as his, even got hands a little dirty helpin dad out and checks on the progress i make daily. Have a good time at the meet and hope to catch the next one.


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Last minute ad-on to this thread....with Ray's o.k..
For all those attending.....Ray's mini bike meet There will be tickets sold at the event for a 1971 MTD/Columbia Rambler SURVIVOR bike. Ticket will also be sold at the Hot Dog Hut show on Oct.5th. Do not need to be present to win. The goal is to sell 60 total tickets at 10.00 each. (Min. Sold must be 30) All proceeds go toward my wife and I to bring home our Twin girls home from Michigan.
This is not a online raffle. Only at the two shows will tickets be sold.
No shipping on the bike..Sorry.
I can't make it down there today, be sure and post plenty of pictures.....
Hope you have a great turnout and a great day, Enjoy!! ....:drinkup:

Tell Jamie I'll see him at the hot dog hut show for raffle tickets....