Show off your advertizing pieces...

I didnt know where else to show this off but iv been working on this clock for a few days it took quite a bit of work to fix up the shroud its from a vertical shaft mower so the logo was upside down and it had 2 big holes that needed filling on the sides where the lincages and stuff go through. The muffler is actually a valve cover breather from a ford or something. Just pieced together from junk laying around


That does look great.. I like repurposing stuff too and that clock is sweet.
Here’s some pics of some of my advertising, I have more but it’s already packed up for a future move.
The stool or table I made from scrap from a jobsite and the original front tire off my Alsport TS-110 FBB02525-EA88-4B63-970D-EDCFA0B710B9.jpeg 4DAB10AC-B854-4EAE-A519-07269B956149.jpeg 8B2F2062-BF2E-4E18-A37D-1F7E35AD125D.jpeg

old shed finds

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T&J Karts of Salt lake, ,, 3 years ago myself and son ran a Mini Bike Go Kart mobile shop out of the Mobile Workshop..we had approximate 10 customers. .. You know install chains.install a clutch get them running ..It was fun and make a few bucks.....
Here is our Briggs advertising on the right side of the workshop..we had a sticker made that said T&J karts but it weathered its EDs garage Ha Ha.........
The workshop today is now too full of bikes and engines to even get out of control buying this winter....This spring a bunch of you should fly to Salt Lake and a warm day empty the shop out and see everything. ....We got allot of neat stuff but got out of control buying. ..