Show off your advertizing pieces...

Lets see what you guys have for advertizing pieces for these old engines. Banners, posters, signs, ash trays, displays .. whatever :shrug: Im always looking for stuff at flea markets and yard sales but I never find anything. The only thing i have is a side of a Briggs cardboard box from an engine I bought way back. Im going to frame it so it looks more official :smile:


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Don't have nothing on no engines...but I got a nice dealer show room banner for Caper Cycles. Was silk screened, not a printing press, so the cost was high per banner. I'm thinking not many were made because Ben Hunt would not have made many more than the total number of dealers.


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had to stay up till 1 am the other night to bid on Evi-Bay but nailed this old light up dealer clock for $29.....
That was you:thumbsup: I saw that, was gonna set my sniper to it, but I figured it would go higher than I was willing to pay. When I awoke to the next morning I was amazed thats all it went for...sweet deal!

I have been watching alot, buying only a little. Trying hard not to spend much money on it. I got this tec sign the other day, still need to clean it and find a proper home.

Jeep mentioned ashtrays, I have a couple of good year power cushion ones, and I found this champion spark plug after shave bottle in the laundry room the other day:thumbsup:

couple of other things I have on the walls: