You have that much snow?

I got a little dust coming down in Northern Ontario right now but it keeps warming up and melting of late....

Odd year so far snowed 3 times melted twice more rain than anything else.
But its crisp and dry today, and cold!
Might start to geta decent base for some today but unless I get some wheels for my sled its not going to be happening today lol
This morning here in southwestern Virginia, the sun was shining, around 32-34 degrees and I was riding my Mini Baja. Its now 4:20 pm and there's 3 inches of snow on the ground (still snowing).

Hope its not another Winter last last year...!:no:

Jimmy S.
Last winter was very mild around here I think we got two, maybe three real snow falls but they only amounted to 6" or so nothing to get real excited over.
Last years little snow.

I'm waiting for some snow so I can try these out.
same house's, the one neighbor added a window to his garage up top and the wifes car is different.
The snow picture is of my first little plow tractor, it worked ok but no where as good as the face one does.
2' and counting here. I have a Mitsubishi 18.5 3 cyl. diesel 4wd and I have mounted a 6' Anbo 4 way blade on the front loader arms. I use a 4' box scraper on the 3 point for weight and for pulling snow out of tight spaces. It's an awesome little tractor and my neighbors are very happy I have it. :scooter:
They can push a crapload but once the snow weight exceeds the tractor weight the angle option doesn't work too well. The ass-end of the tractor slides around so the blade is straight to the load. These little landscape tractors do a lot of work but just not as fast as their big brothers.
From my understanding SNOW stands for
Super Nasty Obnoxious Work
no machines, clothes,drinks or anything makes it tolerable to me. But it is what makes the mountains look majestic and I can view them from afar. LOL Steve :scooter:

Tuesday my Son leaves for Belize and the Ambergris Caye and tropical diving seeing the Maya ruins. I get to watch the pups.


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we also had are first snowfall of the year:thumbsup:
my old k-5 with a 8 1/2ft blade works real good:rolleyes:
work on the neighbors john deere model 325 unit today and replace the belt that runs the transmission/pump unit and help installed his snow thrower unit on. WOW does that thing throw the snow. i just laugh when a look at my big 54 inch/25hp MTD WHITE riding lawnmower:laugh: it does the job. nothing runs like a deere.
I'm glad I have just a short 128' long driveway or I'd need a real machine to move the white fluffy stuff.

Our other driveway was so short you could barely park a truck on it and was easy to shovel clear but this driveway isnt going to be hand shoveled by me.

These old tractors weigh in at around 700lbs and I got a set of 55lb. wheel weights for the snow blower tractor which should help it since that blower weighs alot.I'll use the plow tractor when there is just a light couple inch dusting.

I just looked out side and nothing still although we have had flurries for the last several days just nothing significant.

I expect a good snow before christmas, I'd like to see 12" or more.
It would be even better if it was over my 12 day christmas vacation so I wouldnt have to work out in it just clear the driveway and relax.


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Teamcheap: where abouts in SE Mich are you?..... We had a few good smowfalls last year, they don't last all that long anymore though...not like when I was a kid, we had ice on the lake and snow all winter...Doesn't even pay to have a sled around here any more..
Teamcheap: where abouts in SE Mich are you?..... We had a few good smowfalls last year, they don't last all that long anymore though...not like when I was a kid, we had ice on the lake and snow all winter...Doesn't even pay to have a sled around here any more..
Ohh I'm about in the middle of oakland county.

I only remember two really good snows last year and they were only 5"-8" inches at best.There were some other snows but nothing that amounted to much.

Even so the plow tractor had a difficult time when I got a bunch of it pushed up and it had tires chains on it not real bad but I had to be careful not to get it stuck.

I'm really excited about having the snow blower since it should be able to clear the driveway faster and better.
I could only do so much with the blade before it really needed to be bucketed.

Our house is long and I have a stretch of driveway about 50' long with no place to put snow really.
Last year was good since we just moved in here we only got a taste of whats to come and I plan to be ready for it.


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How much (in inches) can the little plows push? I am looking to one for my JD so I can use that instead of the big snowthrower (its incredibly heavy with a 9.0 hp tec on it). So what's the limit? A few inches? Or like a foot?
Depends on if its a wet or dry snow I'd think about 3"-4" max if its a wet heavy snow and about 8"-10" with a dry fluffy snow.

They will move snow but it may take more passes to get it clear.

I was having problems keeping the front end from sliding around as the windrows got bigger but that tractor has the smooth ribbed tires.

I dont know yet what will stop them in their tracks.

I expect the snowblower to be far better than the blade because it will lift and throw the snow so basically the tractor just has to drive around on the clear driveway.

I keep thinking about trying to get the other smaller 8" wheel weights I have and sticking them in the front rims to help keep the front tires planted.
20 inches would be fun.

We are going to actually get a little bit 1"-2" today they say and more on thursday then even more on saturday so It looks like I'll be running around on the tractors this week.:smile:

If we get any real amount of snow I'll try to get a picture of my snowblower in action.