So, How do you guys gear your bikes?

So, I finally put together what I could call my "keeper" engine, for now anyways. Its a flathead with a 4.500 rod, .010 over, 95-5 cam. Its just kinda thrown together with what i had. Its on an azusa frame, and has a Horstman GL clutch. I had it geared 12-60, but it pops up wayyy too easy. I have drivers all the way up to 17 for it. I weight about 240, I dont know what the bike weighs though. Its not a drag bike, just something for casual riding, even though im usually giving it full throttle. Any input on where I should start would be great, and if any mroe info is needed, feel free to ask. :thumbsup:
I.m as heavy as you are and I run a 12 tooth Max-torque clutch and a 66 rear tooth on my Murray bike with a clone engine with a re-jetted carb, with a 1" header and it rides real good with that set up. I say this a good starting point.


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I like to run 14/60 I think that will suit you good. If you have the drivers try the 13 then the 14 see what you like best over 14 you will loose to much low end.
I'm using a jackshaft, the clutch is 12t to a 15t then a 12t to the 70t on the sprocket. Ratio is 6.73:1.

It has good low end still but I could use a little more top end. For offroad its working pretty good. Open areas it could stand to be 6.5:1 or maybe even 6:1.

I have a clone 6.5 with PZ26, governor removed and a header.