1. markus

    cool tire for tote gote/trail bikes? 8"

    I dont pay too much attention to what some of the trail bikes use for tires so this may not be a suitable size, Seems like I have seen this tread pattern used on some of the trial bikes though. its got the cool Good year scripting and diamond edge though :thumbsup: Goodyear Xtra Grip 5 70 8...
  2. Iron Honky

    What got you hooked on Mini bikes?

    Ok members lets get this thread rolling and actually talk about mini's. What is your first memories on a mini bike and or what lead you to this hobby? Curious on how us members got so involved in them? :scooter:
  3. J

    what kind of mini bikes?

    I have these two mini bikes (used to be my sons) in my garage and would like to know... "what kind are they"?
  4. cumminsbayou

    mussel bikes?

    is this a mussel bike? or something else? It is ross polo bike every thing is here but the back reflector and front reflector plus tires and tubes but that common right? Story with it is i have had it since like i was 7 or so. i know it was right after hurricane ivan. I saw it in the trash in...
  5. trailhopper

    ARCO Bikes? / Dialex Industries?

    Found this on Ebay. Did ARCO get bought by Dialex Industries towards the end? This is a brochure for a True Value store but no mention of ARCO at all. Dialex Industries, 123 S. Newman St., Hackensack, NJ :shrug:
  6. Clayon

    Moon Discs for Mini Bikes?

    Anybody have a set of Moon discs for there mini-bike? :shrug: I've seen them on old go karts (or atleast that is what they look like) but I've never seen them on any mini-bikes. Does anybody have a idea on how you could make them? I've been thinking but haven't had a good idea yet. Wouldn't...
  7. B

    Is this stock or a mixture of bikes?

    This is on CL and am wondering if it is a stock bike or a mixture of parts. What is it? They are asking $350. Thanks
  8. D

    Is there a market for full suspension mini bikes?

    I started off just slopping a bike together for my four year old who couldn't touch the ground on the old Wren I have. My other son is seven and complains about how bumpy the yard is, we live in the country so it's all off-road riding. And I came up with this but I wasn't quit happy with it. I...
  9. wyody

    Does any one ride mountain bikes?

    I try to ride at least once a week but its not enough. I cant climb or down hill as good any more but its still great way to get outdoors once in while. some of these trails I wish were minibike legal, many times I been tempted to ride on these cool trails with a quiet minibike at night with...
  10. Clayon

    What size chain is on the Baja Warrior/Heat bikes?

    I am going to be ordering a Comet TAV for my Baja Heat and I need to know what size chain is on the bike, is it 35 or 40 chain? :shrug: Thanks.
  11. D

    do you need a chain tensioner on baja mini bikes?

    I bought 2 baja mini bikes, one a warrior, one a heat the heat runs, but it doesn't have the chain tensioner thing between the crank clutch and the jack shaft. Do I need to replace it or will it be ok it seems to run fine, but the chain does sag a little. Also, a link to purchase one if...
  12. cpu77

    List of larger mini bikes?

    Thinking of picking up a larger mini bike.... I know the Broncos and Baja mb200 seem larger any others?
  13. B

    What are some commonly found old mini bikes?

    (I am a Noob) lol I just wantt to know so i can start some projects on a mini bike so i want to know what kind of old mini bikes do you commonly found on ebay? Thanks Branden :thumbsup:
  14. Ibanez616

    So, How do you guys gear your bikes?

    So, I finally put together what I could call my "keeper" engine, for now anyways. Its a flathead with a 4.500 rod, .010 over, 95-5 cam. Its just kinda thrown together with what i had. Its on an azusa frame, and has a Horstman GL clutch. I had it geared 12-60, but it pops up wayyy too easy. I...
  15. toomanytoys

    how many of you actually ride your bikes?

    I'm not talking riding around flat fields and parking lots. I mean going out and riding them on trails, climbing hills or just shooting around the woods.
  16. tomanator

    dirt bikes?

    hi guys does anyone know were i can get a dirt bike for like 150$ in nc thanks :smile:
  17. alfalfa

    How do you transport your mini bikes?

    I think this type of thread has been brought up before, but I can't seem to find it.... How do you guys transport your minis? Anybody have a bumper rack? PICS would be nice... how bout minibikes that are built to match your car? or with a rack on your car for your bike?
  18. M

    advantages of multi engine bikes?

    I was going to post a reply in another thread but i didnt want to go to far off topic so new thread time... I just want to know what are some advantages of making a multi engine bike over a single engine bike.? Ive seen a few and they look really cool and intricate and must have taken some...
  19. DrewDay

    Who made these style bikes?

    I dont think its homemade because it looks too clean. Mini bike
  20. cat123456789101

    should i buy the db30 hydraulic brakes from hot rod mini bikes?

    should i buy them , are they any good , do they make a diff. ??