Springs coming


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Cant wait to get out and do some riding this summer....

these are from Western Md. last year

looking out toward Pawpaw, WVa. with my dog Buddy
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Spring has sprung here. Trees are flowering. Grass and weeds are growing.
And the damn oaks are shedding their hundreds of millions leaves.


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Yeah it is Greenridge state forest 44,000 acres.
they used to have a 18 mile ORV trail, but the enviro-nuts shut it down. But, if ya got a dual sport all the roads are fair game.

Another 45min. west out I-68, just outside of cumberland, Md. a new ORV section has opened, gonna check it out this year
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Nice pics, great background. The snow is melted, and gone, has rained for a whole day and my yard is like walking on a sponge. Anyway I had 2 too many margaritas tonight, and I have crappie fever baddddd, may go wet a line in the morning. Just venting.