Tecumseh/Lauson Diaphram carb question

So after removing the molasses that the previous owner used for gas I'm putting the carb back together and have a quick question:
As the carb sits on the bike, does the gasket go on top of the diaphram?
Meaning the sequence from bottom to top goes:
bottom plate, diaphram ,gasket, carb body?

Big thanks, mine was this way originally but it could have been another Polish Engineer on the job ahead of me ;)

Seen it both ways on You Tube (maybe it doesn't matter?)

OK I'll cool my heals, computer loading better now.
ALSO: Thanks Markus and KK Kid for previous posts;

Originally Posted by aranhawaii
I'm wondering if, aside from the bowl operations/parts, the rebuilding process is otherwise the same.
yes, top end is pretty much same, usually has 2 needles on the side for adjustment instead of one so you want to remember which needle came from where.

Most important thing (well except for doing a real good job cleaning ) on those is most have a spacer gasket for the diaphragm, depending on carb model it needs to be placed between carb body and diaphragm, or bottom plate and diaphragm, some later ones might not even have on possibly. some kits will have a service note with more info on that but some wont. so its another good thing to make note of when you disassemble the carb.

I found if there's a "F" stamped on the carb body the diaphragm goes UNDER the gasket but the best way is to remember how it came apart, assuming you know it was running well from the start.
Mine has no "F" but the diaphragm is going under the gasket (the gasket is a spacer for the diaphragm according to online sources)
My rebuild kit also had no paperwork with it so I'll put it back together the way it came apart.
My first redo for this type so...
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