1. capguncowboy

    Cylinder Gas tank, star stamped on bottom

    Anyone ever seen this before? This tank has a star stamped in the bottom. I've had a dozen of these in various sizes and formats, but I've never seen any with this stamp on them. I'm pretty sure the tank is NOS and the green paint is original (where's chipped, I can see clean bare metal...
  2. noseoil

    Bottom Frame Members, straight line?

    Having trouble at the house with my email server, so I can't load the picture I took, but here's my question. My Baja MB165 frame rails aren't in line across the bottom. If I use a straight edge along the bottom on the motor mount area of the frame, the rear rails where the axle is attached...
  3. S

    Heaild Trail Bronc seat bottom dimensions

    Hi, does anyone on here have the dimensions or pattern for the seat bottom on a Heald Trail Bronc? A picture with length and width would work. Thanks, Steve
  4. MiniNW

    Honda GX240 bottom end

    I got a mini bike with a honda gx240 on it, I just removed the governor today and I noticed that there's a rear gear in the bottom end that doesn't seem to be connected to anything, I was wondering if that's needed or if I can remove it to slightly lessen the load on the crank? I can't seem to...
  5. tri_cat_bottom_seat


    tri cat seat bottom
  6. Sixpac440

    Having trouble with the site? How to clear your Cache in Internet Explorer ....

    1. Hold down Ctrl, Shift, Delete at the same time ... Delete Browsing History box will pop up. 2. "Temporary Internet Files and Website Files" should have a check mark by it. 3. Click the Delete button at the bottom. 4. Your computer will work for a moment, and then the process will...
  7. steven Durham

    Briggs & Stratton Engine

    I still have a never used motor that I intended to refit with a slide carb and pipe. So I removed all the throttle linkage and fuel tank so that it would fit into the frame I had. Now all is left is this motor and it needs a new home now. I cam ship this motor with or without the fuel tank your...
  8. mountain38

    Briggs Identity?

    Good Morning. I need to find a rebuild kit for the carbonator on this Briggs and I cant find the model #. Can anyone help me ID this engine and carb? There is an "E" marked on the bottom of the carb. Thanks! Jason
  9. D

    Can anyone tell me what frame this is and how much you would pay for it?

    I recently purchased a Baja DB30R and am now interested in building my own mini bike from scratch. My friend is selling this frame, but I have not been able to identify it online. Can anybody help? Also, how much do you think it is worth? He said it only has rust on the bottom rear of the frame.
  10. xr7gt


    Good condition. 3 nut-serts in plywood. One minor tear on side towards bottom see pic $50 obo
  11. F

    tillotson carb problem

    I put a tilly hl304wxa on a modified clone and it doesn't have good bottom end response.I have tried different fulcrum and popoff settings.
  12. P

    Benelli Volcano fork tubes

    looking for good new or used upper fork tubes, headlight brackets and there seems to be some kind of rubber seal at the top and bottom of the headlight bracket tubes part no. G 497/G. I need 4 of them contact me at -
  13. mini one

    Tecumseh/Lauson Diaphram carb question

    So after removing the molasses that the previous owner used for gas I'm putting the carb back together and have a quick question: As the carb sits on the bike, does the gasket go on top of the diaphram? Meaning the sequence from bottom to top goes: bottom plate, diaphram ,gasket, carb body...
  14. T

    Bonanza Front Fork Boot & Rear Shock Questions

    Im just putting together a BC-1200 that I bought a few months ago after re-paint and general restoration. I'm noticing that the bottom part of the chrome upper for the right rear shock has been beat in pretty good, in order to clear the chain on a larger diameter sprocket. Did Bonanza build them...
  15. JohnnyTillotson

    Stellar shocks

    Ok since I removed the rear shocks to paint the Black Beauty I notice one is compressed more than the other and they obviously are stuck. Like everything else so far. I'm pretty sure this bike was dredged from the bottom of a lake. Anyways...Has anyone ever taken them apart? And, more...
  16. J

    Tav driven bearing plate alignment issues

    i have a couple different TAV jackshaft plates that have both a bottom motor plate as well as a side mount plate that bolts to the side cover. got them unattached but when i go to try and use them, if i line up the bottom plate the side plate is almost a half inch away. i have TAV plates...
  17. capguncowboy

    Mock/Decoy Security Cameras to deter thiefs

    I know a lot of you guys probably could use this sort of thing to deter curious people from snooping around. They're obviously not as effective as a real security system, but it's a good second place. These sell for about $7 on *** There are two mounts on these cameras, one on the...
  18. JohnnyTillotson

    Wanna make a gas tank outta this

    Got this super cool steam punk lookin old tymey oven tank and I want to make it a minibike tank. It's got no hole in the bottom. It looks as though a hose would go on that cap fixture and feed the oven that way. So how much of a pain in the arse is this going to be? My tiny brain is saying I...
  19. RobertC

    Tech ohh50 leaking oil from bottom of PTO cover

    Hello Everyone, My Boonie Bikes' Techumseh ohh50 is leaking oil from bottom of crankcase cover on side w PTO. I changed the oil, and inadvertantly overfilled it...althought the 'dipstick' did not indicate it ? :shrug: I ran the motor, up the street and back, then realized i'd over added...
  20. Clayon

    Threaded hole in the bottom of my Raptor carb

    Hi guys, I bought a new in box stock Raptor carb and I was looking at it today and noticed that it has a threaded hole in the bottom of the carb, which looks to be for if you are running a stock style Briggs air filter to put the bolt through and screw into. The problem is that I will be using...