tecumseh throttle cable hook- up HELPPPP

HEY, minibikers...I have mounted a 5hp to my vintage mini. I restored it COMPLETELY and bought a twist throttle and came with a cable. I just have NO CLUE on how to install it to the carb or where to start. Also my chain keeps coming loose after I tighten and want to know how to make a chain tensioner. Any pics and.info would be SOOO GREATT.



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Wow, guess I am getting old. Can't help ya on that tgrottle set up.

Kill switch. Where was it hooked befor? Find the wire that was working as a kill switch and hook it to that.:shrug:
Or just ride half way from where you think it will run out of gas and turn around. It should shut off when ya almost get back.:laugh:
It's "stiff" cuz that's a linkage for running a fixed speed. You'd want the linkage to stay put if it was on say a lawn mower etc. You have to drill the rivet out of the center, and take out the thin metal piece behind the linkage arm. Some have a wavy washer to give the linkage the right "stiffness". You can put it back together with a rivet, or a small machine screw with a nyloc net not quite tightened. Just connect a kill switch to the ground wire attached to the coil.


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Yeah, you need to change the throttle hook up to what jrz suggested.
There should be a single wire coming off your coil. You hood you kill switch to that. Or there is a male prong sticking out off you coil.
I dont know what you did but this is how mine is set up and it works fine :thumbsup: I have the OEM on/off switch and a push button kill switch hooked up they both work fine :thumbsup: and I lost the OEM carb and put on an older adjustable one on :thumbsup: