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Well, I hear ya. But no. I appreciate my privacy and I don't need to inflate my ego with an unrealistic tally of how many... "FRIENDS" I have. Facebook has always depressed me due to the "Hey everybody, look at MEEEEE" aspect. Sad.

Anyway, send a postcard.

I have all my stuff set to private, even my firends list. so you can hide all tha tstuff if you so choose BUT the overlords at FB obviously have access to anything they want, maybe even farther reachin then FB. Its odd, my wife and I will watch some obscure old show we haven't seen in years on youtube and within a day or so, some sort of related ad/post will show upo in our feed. the other day I saw a billboard about a rejuvination center and asked my wife is that where women go to get a "mommy stitch?" lol next day a ad pops up in my feed about the same rejuvenation center, very strange. I had my tin foil hat on, so I don't know how "they" knew????????