The Gray Goat Garage at 8pm tonight!

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Jody from ARC is doing a live tech video tonight to on a pretty good topic. You guys should collaborate so we can tune in to both....

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Actually got a chance to watch it tonight, normally when they come on live I'm at work.
I even answered a question right!
Good stuff, it's almost like waking up on Saturday mornings and watching the car shows on TV as a kid.
MTV is back.
Minibike TV Lol. between Eric, Joe and Ed and Jody
Hey Folks....don't forget...tonight's the night. 10 minutes from now as a matter of fact...:laugh:

So go to the first page of this thread, and click on the link, it's time for the Gray Goat Garage...!!!
I guess the Gray Goat gets a Thanksgiving holiday too...I checked in wondering, but no live show tonight.

A well deserved break, but we'll be looking for you again next week Eric !

Thanks for all you do for us, and Happy Thanksgiving !