The Official CHOPPER Photo Thread

Thought it would be cool to round up al the choppers into one thread.

Vintage or scratch built

American made only

Imported crap will be will motorcycles.

Include description when possible...keep the comments to a's a PHOTO thread...

I'll kick it off with one of my all time favorite photos...

OldMiniBikes's own IronHorseman_ ARCO EZ-Rider

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Still the only white version of the Penney's Duster Chopper I have ever seen, 1974. Will be putting stock/original pull start, aircleaner and muff back on very soon :thumbsup:

Very cool thread. I never knew there were so many different brands. I like the Choppers. I have a Manco Stras and stripes, I also have this Acme, I think it is American made???