1. cheezy1

    2016 Official Red Nose list....

    This is the official list of members that signed in blood that they will participate and follow through with the deal. If you do not see your name on this list...please let us know. These are in no specific order. If you are building more than one bike..only one needs to be completed. That being...
  2. T-Town Mini

    The Official Pinewood Derby Thread

    This thread is intended for all things Pinewood Derby. Post your best tips/hints/advice, etc. for constructing a Pinewood Derby car here. Feel free to post photos of examples including: derby cars, tracks, trophies, best designs, wildest creations, family & friends...whatever, as long as it's...
  3. MCF2891

    Your first Bonanza...official thread

    :scooter:What was your first bonanza mini bike that you got? It can be from when you were a young kid to recently. No matter what model it is or what shape its in. Post your bonanza here!!!:scooter:
  4. KustomKartKid

    The Official CHOPPER Photo Thread

    Thought it would be cool to round up al the choppers into one thread. Vintage or scratch built American made only Imported crap will be will motorcycles. Include description when possible...keep the comments to a's a PHOTO thread... I'll kick it off with...
  5. R

    It's Official

    Racing Dreamz will be operating the old Cherokee Kart Track in Rogersville, Tn. It will now be called Racing Dreamz Raceway. RDR is a 1/4 mile asphalt oval and we have access to 35 more acres to build an 3/4 mile road course and a 3/4 mile off road track as well. The grounds havent been used in...
  6. frankster

    The official Trapper Mini Bike thread

    Hi Guys, I decided to start an official Trapper Mini Bike thread. A place to keep all the pics and info pertaining to these classic fat tire mini bikes from Michigan.
  7. KustomKartKid

    The OldMiniBikes All-Terrain, Trail Bike, Pack Mule, Tote Gote & Utility Bike Thread

    Gotes, Mules, Broncs, Burros, Jaks,'s a place to post up those rugged, utilitarian machines that go where no ordinary mini bike dares to go. Think you got what it takes to mess with this guy? Post it up!
  8. H

    Official Build Off Stickers

    This is the official build off sticker. Size is 4" I would like this to be a donation to Clayton for running the build off. The stickers are on the way to him right now and he'll be the one collecting the money and sending them out. Stickers are $4 shipped. If you enjoy the build off...
  9. KustomKartKid

    The Official VINTAGE Snowmobile, Ski Machine and Sled Thread

    A place for all the vintage snow and ice fun machines...! .
  10. KustomKartKid

    The Official Tom Thumb and Micro Bike Thread

    A place to keep all the pics and info pertaining to these classic "mini-minis"....:scooter:
  11. Mark G

    The Official Minibike Wheel Thread

    Well, if KK can do it so can I. It's time wheels had thier own place to go. So lets see em:thumbsup: Aggie bike, 6" aluminum Lil Indian 6" Aluminum Azuza Astro 6" Aluminum Fox 4", I believe these are Magnesium:thumbsup: Lil Indian 4" Steel
  12. KustomKartKid

    The Official MINI BIKE SEAT Thread

    Thought maybe we'd give all the mini bike seats a place of their own to "sit".....:rolleyes: Please use full size pics which highlight the seat and include a short description or identification (even if the photo appears "self-explanatory"). This is key for future research and thread...
  13. KustomKartKid

    The Official Mini Bike Accessory Thread

    Practical, cool or wacky...... Home made, after market or "factory" add ons... Let's gather up all the vintage mini-bike accesories we can find into one thread. :scooter: Wheels, tires, engine hop-ups, clutches, seats, sissy bars......whatever!!! Ads are great, or a picture of the...
  14. mr.modified

    Mr.modified's official tire mounting method

    Maybe this has been gone over before, Just thought this might help someone out. For solid rims, I put a large punch or other suitable object in the vice and set the tire rim down over it. A vice grip on the bottom of the rim against the vice somehow will keep the rim from turning, while a vice...
  15. joekd

    Official Baja recall kit is here

    Got my official recall kit in from Baja Motorsports today for my Heat 6.5 The kit is a new chrome gas cap, a clamp, a piece of hose and full color instructions (yes, there is even a page on changing the gas cap) Reading quickly it seems the clamp is for the throttle cable (to hold it out...
  16. smallbikes88

    official Who is going to the mid ohio vintage motorcycle days??

    Its in lexington ohio july 9th through 11th i am going for sure who else??
  17. Modding_out

    The official Who's going to Windber thread

    Who's all going? If your going chime in and post a pic of the bike you'll be riding. You guys can recognize me by my 3wheeler(note* it has a red ohv briggs in it now and over all looks a lot more refined, but you get the idea) and I also will have a modified Baja carbon with me for my Dad to...
  18. cxbra

    Official db30 stock top speed.

    I got an official reading, thanks to CHP hahaha. I saw one of those radar displays (un-manned cph radar) on my way home from work and thought I would get a crack at it once it got dark. Logic tells you, if there is one of those set up then there are probably cops near by. Check. So I take...