The official Trapper Mini Bike thread

Hi Guys,

I decided to start an official Trapper Mini Bike thread.

A place to keep all the pics and info pertaining to these classic fat tire mini bikes from Michigan.
Metal flake color

Sorry, no I don't know the color name.
Hopefully someone out there does and will answer.
I started this thread to try to get all the info in one place.
Keep the questions coming!

This is a Trapper I was restoring but sold it before it was finished. Don't go by these colors for a resto. The green on the frame is too light and the metalflake on the fiberglass is too dark. Paint was from House of Kolors. I made the mistake of not getting it color matched at the paint store.
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Hi all,

My Dad bought 2 of these back around 1970. We rode them around a lot of 'sand blows' when I was a kid. Rode in the fields around my childhood neighborhood also. A lot of neighbor kids drove there first bike on these. Dad still has both of them in his basement. Haven't been run in a loooooong time. Would folks be interested in buying these?


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I'd like to put a big thanks out to Mark, umaroons, for offering up his two Trappers for sale. And another thanks to Steve, countstevula, for securing them.

I drove up to Marks dads house, in Fremont, after work on Tuesday and picked them up. Quite honestly I was surprised how well taken care of they were/are. Mark and his dad did a wonderful job of saving these two bikes from rotting away.

Anyway, Steve has one in his garage and I have the other.

Here's the pictures of both and mine.....