Throttle not working, missing linkage?

I just bought a Baja Heat for my 13 year old son yesterday (although I admit I'm sure I'll be enjoying it too :) but here's a video with what I'm working with here since I don't know the names of the things involved...I'm assuming I'm missing some kind of part or linkage? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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The grey lever is the choke. It is on choke with the lever to the rear and off choke with the lever to the front. The lower black lever is the fuel cut off. The metal lever that is moving when you twist the throttle is the hand throttle. So from what you are showing in the video everything looks to be working correctly. If the hand lever has become disconnected from the carburetor/governor linkage you will have to remove the 2 nuts and pull the air cleaner assembly off to see what is happening. But it appears in the video to be working correctly...
SO I've come to the conclusion I need to order a new carburetor and spring kit and 2 new 19x7-8 tires, do you know where I can purchase these items?

Apparently I bought a lemon, my sons's birthday is coming up and I really need to get this thing operational. Thanks a LOT for the help!
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From the video it looks like your throttle is working ok. And keep in mind the choke is independent of the throttle. They are not connected in any way. Does the engine race up to "lawnmower full throttle" speed when the choke is opened, or is it only slightly higher? Have you serviced the clutch before noticing this issue? Maybe the clutch is having an issue where it will partially engage choke open (no load because the wheel is off the ground) but not at the slower speed with the choke closed? Have you tried this (safely) while sitting on the bike with the wheel on the ground and the brake on? Do not try it though if you already know the engine races up too high. Maybe the former owner has the idle speed set too high? Does the engine throttle up and down ok when the wheel is off the ground choke open? I know it sounds like you are running out of time but you shouldn't need most of those parts for what it sounds like you have going on there.
Thanks so much! Any great diagrams on throttle assembly? I just ordered a pile of parts

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I think you bought a bunch of stuff you don't need..... But until you take it apart and figure out what the REAL problem is throwing parts at it wont fix it. Apparently it functioned correctly long enough to wear out the tires.... I think it is much more simple than the sum of parts you bought. But what do I know I only have 3 Warriors... :shrug: and all of mine still have the original carbs and linkage pieces..

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take airbox off and look at linkages to first see if the throttle at the rear of the carb is hooked up to the other linkages and moves back to the stop when you twist throttle and let off like Sas289 and FOMOGO said..A video of that would be usefull because can't see anything with the airbox on.Do not take any springs off until you take pics coz once off you soon forget where goes.when idle gets sorted out the clutch may need dust blown out and oil in its bearing ..good luck. and calm down...if i was 13 and my dad bought me a mini running right or not i would have been really happy..both of you should get involved in the nuts and bolts coz these things need constant'll be fine
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