Time for chain and clutch

I am building a Doodle Bug 6.5 Predator mini. What length #35 chain will I need? 12 tooth clutch recommendation? Any help would be appreciated.


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Good deal on eBay from a company in Irvine CA, Jeremy well industry- 10 ft chain comes with 2 links. $14. Buy a moto chain breaker on amazon for $10-15, Harbor Frieght chain breaker broke the first time i used it - don't buy. You can splice to your needed length and have extra in case you you mess up the first one or break or crack any in the future. Have bought #35 and #41 from them and raced with them with no problems. 10 Ft seems like a lot but is really nice having at least another length as back up. You will use a little over double the length of your front and rear sprockets. If you really need to be specific on length cut / use a string or shoelace and wrap over the sprocket teeth (front to rear like a chain) and you can measure from that length. Straightness is key - lay on your chain and look down the top of the chain like a gun sight - should be very very straight.

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That bike will be wheelie happy with that engine.you should get a OldMiniBikes db30 sprocket adapter and a split sprocket w a around 60 teeth..or a least 14t clutch...look at a chart and see..depending where you ride..offroad or street..cheers.. https://www.gokartsupply.com/ratios.htm
Depending on your size (weight) and what type of riding you will be doing (hills, off road, etc.) a 12 tooth clutch and the stock 72 tooth rear sprocket may be just fine. (it was for both our DB's with Predator engines) Get your Max Torque clutch from OldMiniBikes warehouse.